Land already claimed elevation bug

LandClaim claims an area in an infinite column, vertically.

Recently I joined a North American PvP server and have found that players sometimes leave gaps in their umbilical cords: these tethers, tangents or extensions are meant to prevent the building of a treb or siege/jump tower. Unfortunately these players likely did not take the time to unclan a member and have him test it. I am often able to place a bedroll, then a foundation, within what would ordinarily be a quite robust landclaim. On other servers, after daily restart I can often add another piece here and there, usually starting with triangles and ending with a public declaration of WTF in chat.

It would benefit us to appeal for a LandClaim Flag or other totem that would eliminate this guesswork by creating an actual “bubble” of contiguous LandClaim. Plant the flag, all points inside become one claim. Flag gets killed (made of glass), enemies can do what I have done, and what your enemies are doing to you. Good luck.