"Land Already Claimed" Message Makes Solo Play Almost Impossible

I’m currently playing at LATAM #1997 Official Server but it’s basically impossible to play solo on PvP servers, since big clans have their “scouts” running all over the map with a foundation selected just to check if the message pops up.

I think this should not be allowed. The message should only be displayed if the user actually clicks to place the construction part or something. No other game encourage total wipes (loss of the total progression so far), sometimes every single day, as Conan Exiles.

Started playing again two weeks ago and had 5 total wipes in this period (in hidden places). I can’t even enjoy in-game content because of the constant need to build a new base for me.

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Places that you think are hidden really aren’t hidden because the game has been out for 5years. “Hidden spots” are just click bait on youtube for views. Nothing is hidden.


If a clan is looking for you, then they will eventually find you (sort of what Foggy is suggesting). Since you are PVPing, you will need to engage in some form of PVP in order to accomplish your goals. As a solo player you will not want to run afoul of larger groups.

To avoid this, you will need to refrain from actions and decisions that will draw their ire. This can be tricky as many different clans and organizations will have different things (and can change at their own whim) they require for this.

You may need to not only stay out of their way, but make yourself useful, or even resort to bribery and flattery in order to get some leeway. Pretty much send them a message and simply ask, what you need to do in order to be left alone.

Be prepared to pay tribute, do favors, and swallow your pride. If they are capable of wiping you, then they have the power and authority to dictate what you will need to do in order to get closer to any goals you set.

This is what PVP is.

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This mechanic must remain, otherwise we will never find merchants. To make it easier for solo players to play.
Although I agree with the fact that the solo players quite hard PvP servers, and if the game wants to attract more people then we have to give people the opportunity not to start all over again. Well, you know, few people have the opportunity to play for 5 hours every day, or rather I think almost none.

As annoying as this might be for you, this feature is one of the only reasons we’re able to find flying bases or undermesh bases. (Yes, they still exist even if it’s not that common anymore)

So I rather want to keep it as long as exploits like this still exist.

As someone already mentioned, hidden spots are not really hidden. It doesn’t need any foundations to find them. Most of the bigger clans know exactly where those spots are they just take a foundation so they don’t have to climb somewhere first to see if someone really built there. Just saves some time.

its not a scout, its a hacker. i know that server. it doesn’t matter where you hide, they will find you. don’t play there, is a nest of cheaters.

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This is where Siptah’s map design is better than Exiled Lands. If you get raided back to the stone age, you can find an NPC camp, steal some weapons and rescue a thrall and get back into it.

I don’t think it helps much. Crafting and farming is still very long and the island is too small. A huge number of cheaters with ESP will easily find your sandbuild on the first day. I think the game should just be a little more “undestroyable” progress, such as skills, recipes, and so on.

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Change server, @rmnfgm That’s the best thing you can do. Let them play alone. When they don’t have anyone else much weaker to harass, the game will become really boring. That’s all they do, fight the week. There’s not much to do about people who think that is what having fun stands for. 10 guys in endgame gear going for a newcomer is what cowards do. Don’t play with cowards. Let them enjoy their cowardice alone.


They could tier things in a way that players bellow 60 couldn’t be attacked. A sort of noob protection. They couldn’t attack other player above 60 either. The same for clans. 10 ppl clans couldn’t raid a 5 ppl clan. Of course they would soon break big clans in two but if clan A and clan B never fought between themselves with casualities, that should warn an admin that something fishy was going on. If clan A and B raid together clan C, then D, etc., they would be circumventing the rules and could be submitted to disciplinary action, especially if they shared stuff in the game. These are just ideas that could help even the terrain.
I’m not sure they could be implemented.

Players unable to attack a player below a certain level would make sense. Probably not a simple coding but sounds feasible. Would make it a bit fairer for new characters to give a bit of time to grow first then being easy kills.

Clan concept will not work, since not all clans are the same size and forcing a size element will cause extra tension. Plus, as you noted, alliances are fact of PvP so there are ways around limitations anyway. I know that issue with Archeage in the past. Plus, Funcom is not going to deal with that type of issue nor would make a rule for it. Too many hassles to bother. Also, hard to prove. Just because A never attacked B, does not mean they are allies either. Perhaps, they found never had a reason to fight B yet. And both clans hate C with a passion. D just happens to assist C so they had to go down as well.

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Another solution is make PVP servers accessible to level 60 characters only. This idea has been thrown around before and I was never a fan because I like low-level PVP. But I’m starting to see the sense in it. Lots of PVPers want faster progression and less grind. But artificially limiting it so level 60s can’t attack low level characters and vice versa takes away a lot of freedom.

Welcome to the community!
My fellow exile I do understand your feedback yet allow me to disagree! This mechanism exists for all modes and several reasons. The ability of “abuse” from players in your eyes and “use” in mine, should never be reason for canceling mechanisms.
People play the game a lot, with years of experience to know how to “use” all the mechanics. Other than that, experience players would find you either way, trust me, there is no place you can hide in the map, none. Even the meshers cannot hide, they are so experienced, so experienced :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So, try to think other ways to survive if you want to survive solo. I will give you the names of two very experienced pvp players and try to contact them in private messages. They have their own way to survive solo all these years and maybe they will accept to help you. I will send you their names in a private message. Welcome and good luck :+1:t6:.

easily exploitable.

I’ve seen level 15 players kill level 60 in pvp because they were just better players. hard coded restrictions like this are a waste of resources.

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So true, so true.
I know that I will trigger conversations I shouldn’t again, so I would love the ones against this opinion to leave it be.
There are a lot of private servers with multiple rules so players can choose the character of pvp they want to play. Private pvp is not less competitive and it’s fun. Solo players “must” choose privates, especially the new ones. They have great potential not to play alone anymore or, to learn more about the game faster than the officials.

Better players typically will win even with handicaps.

I was commenting on Marcospt concept which is feasible, and I thought it was not a bad idea. Although, highly unlikely it will occur since you only need to level up which does not take very long these days. So Funcom will not bother since it becomes moot rather quickly.

On the other hand as a side note, some pvpers tend to like to pick on the weak / easy targets. Seen it many times in other games. Not sure why, since I would think it’s no fun slaughtering the obviously weaker players.

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