Land Already Claimed ON MY OWN LAND

Anyone with an answer becomes my friend for life.:laughing:
I have built a wall to separate my place from my neighbor. The next I go back to construct the fence on top of the wall, and now 30 feet onto my land on MY side of the wall it tells me Land Already Claimed. I JUST BUILT THE WALL WITH NO PROBLEMS. WHYYYY?!?
It allowed me to build, next day, you dont own your land. Any reason for this or just Conan being Conan.

Known bug but not priority for FC to fix. work around is to Log out n log back in. Sometimes need to do that multiple times but worksn since that works guess that’s why it’s not a priority lol
This happens when people buildas close as they can to u or VV


Hey, much appreciated response. FFL :smile:

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AND IT WORKS. Again, thank you for the response. :v:


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