Land claim abuse and body camping need help

Where can i find support/help
Playing on server : official server #8022 pve conflict - g-portal…

Get killed alltime by player (Palatino) , and he/she build foundations next to our house, so we cant build anything.
System: Playstation
How can i get Support or help?

Go here and submit a report take some screenshots it helps.

Or recruit some allies and start your own clan then go after him. Place some bombs at his front door of corse there not gonna do anything but it does have a effect. Run your horse all over his base during non pvp time while he watches. There`s alot of things you can do.
Best just turn in a ticket for grieving. Hope this helps


Definitely try to report on zendesk. Definitely DO NOT place blocks close to his base in retaliation… you’ll only end up getting reported and wiped yourself.