Land claim abuse

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I don’t understand. Many of the examples given are beautiful, beautifully decorated buildings. If they don’t block poi then why do you object to their existence?
It is not at all clear how you determine that a building is breaking the rules. Let’s add specifics. How much area can one player’s base occupy? And how many blocks are tall?

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But clearly no problem with forum abuse which makes you just as bad. Use Zendesk.

Prove it’s the building causing the lag and not items loading into the living world due to your outdated system or components. Therein is the issue.

Sure, I dont disagree. Thats why Im arguing that its hard to have one rule across multiple platforms with a wide variety of hardware.

My old computer I had and was using an alt account on ran Conan just fine on mid graphics. Any base over about a 10x10 foot print would cause me to lose 50% of my fps. When I was in my own base that was in Deserters Gutter at the time, i would get about 10fps.

Things like this matter.

Yes I remember the same issues with Star Wars Galaxies people thought it was the harvester fields when it was the individual items in the structures loading in that caused the lag.

No I didn’t, you’re the one that sees the world in absolutes, we’ve already established that.

See there is the issue, you fail to comprehend the difference.

When I explain you fail to comprehend the explanation, so I gave up trying.

Ya, because any more then 2 options is beyond your comprehension.

Have you asked a sibling yet what the building rules may be about besides causing lag?

Why? I’ve tried to explain to you the there are 3 versions of this game.

But lets go with your opinion rules need to be different for different set ups. So Bobby, with a 980 has a more restrictive set of rules then Thomas with a 4070?
Just how is that going to work?

Ok so lets limit it to 4 sets one for each console and one for PVP. Why?
The developers build the game to function with in the rules on the consoles so why have a different set for them?
Building on PVP is the same as PVE. How you build might be different but just why would they need different rules?

As I keep saying if the ToC was just about causing lag there would be rules about placeables.

Lol, ok. So now we are allowed to break the rules a little bit, so long as it doesnt affect too many people right?

That goes 100% against everything youve argued against me on the land claim or building restrictions debate over the last several months. Glad to see youve changed and realize that sometimes, things dont need to be reported because a player doesnt like them.

Client vs server. Not hard. Both are listed in the ToC as potential reasons to ban. Ive shown you mulitple times the exact line. Im now going to steal your line, “Im right, and you are wrong”

List those options. This is now the 3rd time Ive asked this and you have failed each time.

Listed it several times. This proves you dont read what I reply to you, and thats not on me.

Exactly, and this is 100% the reason why you cant have 1 rule for 3 different platforms. Ill try this as an example. Think of a shooting range, where you have a pistol, a rifle and a long range precision rifle. You have to place a target so all 3 can hit it, to be fair to each person who shoots each gun. Do you place it close so the pistol can hit it, and therefor eliminating the challenge or fun for the medium and long range guns, or do you put it so far away that the pistol has no chance to hit it? Or, do you put up 3 targets, each suited for each gun?

This isnt that different. Old gen, or one type of console maybe need tighter rules, and PC needs looser ones.

Good question. Im assuming it would work as well as current rules do. I personally think that there should be very few limits when building. PvP should be build whatever you need to survive, except for the spiderwebbing which does nothing. Thats all for the rules. PvE, where you cant do anything about others builds needs a bit different rule set. Then, when you get to PS and XBox, you need a building AND placeable limit, because their hardware might not handle the load of bigger builds.

Again, why should someone on PC who can handle the game be punished because a 10 year old Xbox cant?

Actually, the game was built for PC, then they switched to making it run on console to have more sales. We see it in nearly every game out there, they go cross platform to increase sales. And, I understand doing that, its business.

Because in PvP we can clear builds ourselves with trebs, bombs and gods. PvE you cant.

And Ive listed the numerous other reasons for that. Placeables causing lag is one of many violations.

No, that is the part you don’t seem to get.

I have never said they did.

i’ve never said that.


No quite the opposite :man_facepalming:

But at this shooting range you can adjust the target distance to suit the weapon used.

Why don’t you understand they aren’t? I keep trying to tell you they are different builds of the game but it isn’t quite sinking in.

Which they had to write a different version of the game to do why do you not get that?

And if people followed rules you wouldn’t have to.

You guys both agree with each other more often then you realize.

Anyway, here’s some info for you both.

And to add to the previous discussion, the amount of building pieces would have to be astronomical for it really to affect you. More so the amount of buildings affects server lag, not 1 huge one. But it’s placeables. Which some of what we consider to be “building” pieces are actually placeables, like doors, hatch doors, etc.,…

Have commented.

I guess you dont even know what point of view youre trying to represent anymore. Understandable, but you have long been on the side of “a violation is a violation”.

You may not have said that, but there are people who come to the forums and post pictures of legitimate builds asking if they should be reported, or how to report them. It happens.

Numerous times in this very thread. Please go back and read my replies. I laid it all out.

EXACTLY. So why dont we have the same concept for rules on platforms with sub par hardware? Something so simple as a building and/or placeable limit that increases with newer platforms.

So someone with an old gen Xbox walks by a base. Their fps drops considerably and their game studders. Base loads in and they carry on, mad that someones big build lagged their game and reports the base for a violation. The next person walks by the exact same build on a PC server and nothing happens.

One build is reported, the exact same build on a different server type isnt. See the diffferece? Its THAT that I strongly disagree with.

So then they can write their own rules too then right? Put lower limits on right? Im pretty sure a torch flickering on Xbox takes the same amount shit from a server that it does on PC.

And if whining little cry babies didnt run around on servers looking to be Funcoms Personal Police Force, these discussions would cease to exist too.

No I haven’t that is yet something else i can’t get through to you. You’ve made up you mind and not having it any other way.

Please quote your self where you responded as to what your siblings said when you asked them.

The subpar hardware is what the servers are on. And part of the reason for build limits.

And prove you have no idea what I am saying. And I honestly don’t know how to make it clear to you.

You are not going to be on an Xblocks walking past a build on a PC server. You’re not going to be on a paystation and be walking past an Xblocks build, because you will be playing the paystation version on a paystaion server.

And there ya go, it’s not the people braking the rules that is the issue it’s the people reporting them :roll_eyes:

Then why is it every time I talk in a discussion involving land claim do you jump down my throat, saying things like my opinion doesnt matter because of my bans from land claim, and that the cause of my first ban, a bridge, which you yourself advocated for is enough reason to belittle me and my opinion?

I have not replied to your comments on this. This does show that you are not following what Im saying to you, and reinforces the fact that you are trolling and not having a conversation.

Sure, that is one part of it. But a potatoe PC or a 10 year old Xbox is also part of that same problem. We can agree with that right?

The spelling errors made this really hard to follow. Ok, we arent on crossplay.

Think of the size of the base and its amount of placeables A 10x10 with 100 placeables.

An Xbox player on an Xbox server walks by and it lags them out. Client side, they can report it if they want since client side lag is listed in the ToC as I have linked. This could result in a ban, even though no sensible person would do it. Point is - it is bannable

A PC player walks by the exact same build on a PC server and doesnt suffer the lag.

Yet the rules show one can and will be banned and not the other. Same rules, but they arent applied equally due to hardware.

Thats what Im saying.

See how this contradicts this:

You would agree with me if you didnt think that a violation was a violation. I have given examples and the forums certainly has of very minor infractions (heres where the 46 in a 45 zone comes in) which results in bans. This angers people because in the grand scheme of things, it doesnt matter. Its someone that is emotionally hurt over a build, or thinks they are saving the universe that cause such anger.

So when you defend the reporters actions, lay blame on the person who is reported either for their build or for being upset at who reported them it clearly shows that you are on the side of “a violation is a violation”

Heck, look at the link that Kikigirl put just above. Umborls even states after looking at a screenshot with a clear violation of the rules (the long walkway with torches) that HE HIMSELF cant see any issues. The fact that the guy that tried to write us all clear examples of land claim cant even see it when presented with evidence shows how piss poor the rules are, how bad people are at attempting to interpret them, and how badly they can be at enforcing them. Its time for a change.

After two weeks of this, its enough. Until the next land claim thread.

Those weren’t spelling errors. :man_facepalming:

No. Your 10 year old Xblocks isn’t what causes server lag.

Not in any way shape make or form.

That we can agree on.

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