Land claim colorization

I would like a feature added to the repair hammer that while equipped shows the land in 2 shades of color around you. Red if its claimed(by NPC or player) and blue if it is your land. No highlighted color is unclaimed land. It would also have a tool-tip saying who owns the land. Not only would this make planning out builds more efficient but it will also help finding sunken foundations.

I know you can just activate a foundation and move it around until its not red to find another players border; my reasoning is I would like to clearly see my border.


I would LOVE this. Presently I keep having to kick one of my two accounts out of my clan and run around sweeping the land with a foundation when I want to check my own land-claim. It shouldn’t be necessary for a person to have to own two copies of the game to do something so basic.

While it was nice that a land claim announcer supposedly got added (I wouldn’t know since it’s disabled on the very Official PvE servers I’d have thought it was ideal for), what I’d really just like is a little icon located near the food, water, and shelter icons appear that lights up blue or green when I’m within my own land claim.

If it also turns red or orange when I’m on someone else’s that’s even better, but I understand that some folks might not want their perfectly-hidden bases revealed. As such, I’d be fine with it just showing my own land claim and remain unlit when on unclaimed land or land claimed by someone else.


Yeah it can be tricky trying to work out where ones land claim boundary begins. I like to know myself, so that when I am building, I know just how close I am getting to the nearest tree line. Because I dont want all of my trees to disapear again like on my first base. Im not sure if this is an option for you or not being PvE, but heres my method for Offline Singleplayer. Basically, I go into the Admin Panel and uncheck the box titled ‘disable land claim notification’. So whenever I enter my own land claim boundary, it comes up with ‘now entering land belonging to…’ So in a nutshell, whenever I see that notification pop up, I know that is where my bases border begins.

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Playing on an Official so that’s not an option for me, but I appreciate the suggestion.

Regarding resources, generally I keep in mind that land-claim is about a 3-second sprint from the closest foundation whereas resources only get despawned out to roughly a 2-second sprint. (Well, under the defaults used on Officials anyway.)

As such, I’ll often build specifically to protect resources that I don’t want to risk getting paved-over if they’re in the vicinity of my base. Sometimes despawning one or two trees and a few boulders is worth it to safeguard a dozen iron nodes or a monster spawn. :slight_smile:


I was about to make a post about a similar idea as this, though the way I think it should be is this.

On the map have a thin red line around your base on the map… if you place a single block someplace else then it would have a separate circle around it.

This would be nice to show you where your boarders are and would be ‘easier’ for them to implement then lighting up colored borders in world when you use the repair hammer.


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