Land claim solution imo

Just maybe a idea to stop land claims.

Everyone starts off with a “Key” foundation stone.
This Keystone only allows you to build so far away from it.
As you progress in the Game, you can unlock another Key stone. It could be a feat, or something on the lines of learning. For those who like more then 1 base, once you unlock another keystone you can only place it in another Biome.

As Clans come together they can use their keystone to connect with another player but still can only build so far.

Existing bases (after admins clean the servers ridiculous land claims (we can dream right)) the center most foundation block is assigned as the keystone. Everything beyond the building range is poof deleted.

Just my humble opinion. I am sure there would be questions. But its just the start of a idea.

Also, take away the ability to build more then one Temple of a learned Religion. Once you build 1 of that Religion, you can’t build a second.
As well as Vaults.

While not a bad idea, there could be some potential issues.

Is the radius only a circle or can you make it oval for example? Not everyone builds the same way. Sounds a great idea on a fresh build. What happens with players who built already where they need to get more keystones, will that blow up because they all start out with 1. What if you only want to build in one area, why can’t i use my 2nd keystone to make my area bigger than placing it another biome? (I typically only have 1 base - excluding the fishing camp I did have a period of time) How will you handle having a fishing or other outpost needed to play? Such as people build a small outpost near a NPC camp for thrall farming. Lastly, how big is this build radius? I am sure some builds like a castle on top of a hill with a winding road/stairway probably would not work in this concept. Or a road between two clan buildings.

I am not sure only have 1 religion will please many since I see many clans/players having multiple religions. Plus how can you tell if one player is creating all the religions in one clan. A clan of 7 could make 1 religion of each type for example. Clan property is treated as 1.

My clan might be the oddballs where 9 clan members had only 4 religious alters at our peak (3 were the same religion a different location). Currently we only 2 alters now.

This is just some feedback on your thoughts so you can come up with ideas to resolve these issues.

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All valid questions, and as I said it’s just a starting idea that could be built on! That’s why I put it out there.

When I meant religions, I was trying to word it as yes you can have all religions. But can only build 1 temple per religion. Nothing like running a pathway filled with 10 Set temples just to claim the land.


Ever played Fallout 76? Base building works exactly the same as your idea and it is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Sure, you might be able to build something small and suitable, or you may increase the distance of the buildable land area, but having limitations on a game like Conan Exiles where you can build on a massive scale would ruin their advertisement “build almost anywhere.” I don’t play on online servers because when I tried I was met with tons and tons of stupid foundations and floating river huts everywhere but could not destroy them even though it was a PvP server.

Arguably, you can say this is a good preventative measure against unsolicited raids and base destruction when you are offline, but that is the whole point of clans–to try and associate yourself with a larger group capable of defending yourselves. And unlike Fallout 76, you, your friends, and/or your clan members can build together instead of segregated player spaces. Again, I don’t play online servers because every time was met with stupid experiences, but I believe there is still the threat of player invasion even when you’re offline because your base is still there, but if you’re in a clan, they should have thralls protecting the area.

The issue to me, however, is being unable to destroy enemy bases when they are offline. Yes, it’s a preventative measure against trolling, but hey, this is a hardcore survival game. If I see easy pickings because a player built their base in a wide open area with no defenses, then I should be free to loot and destroy that base… and the person along with it. But if all else fails and you still find issue with how the game is set up with the land claim system, just play offline, that way you won’t have to deal with it.

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