Land Of Kron Chronicles launching Jan 4th

Land of Kron Chronicles is a fully immersive world drenched in

  • Story
  • War
  • Romance
  • Treachery

If you want game play like no other this is the place to be

Join us today at
Or on discord at

Launching Jan 4th 2019 @6pm EST

Mod List

  • Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.10 MOD ID: 880454836
  • Conan Sexiles 3.1.2 MOD ID: 1206493209
  • Immersive Sexiles Server Mod MOD ID: 1583363587
  • Shendelzare’s Secret MOD ID: 1582336144
  • Emberlight 1.1.82 MOD ID: 1369802940
  • Emberlight - Lament MOD ID: 1401451646
  • RP Aesthetics (RA) MOD ID: 1542041983
  • Limestone Buildings - A Greek Server Mod MOD ID: 1472647650
  • WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles MOD ID: 1402835318
  • Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator MOD ID: 1507900658
  • Item Stat Remover for WARRIOR Mutator- MOD ID: 1509797057

Get excited get ready we are coming!!!1

only two days left and an epic launch will be here

LESS THEN 24 HOURS left Reserve your slot now only a few left

Launching at 6PM Est join the discord get your slot SPACE IS RUNNING OUT

we are live

With a very Successful server launch we are hiring one admin to our team if you interested please swing by our discord and drop me a message so we