Land Of Kull (NEW RP-PVP SERVER) Created 7/4 clean server


Server is a real server no personal computer out of some one house
Data center location is NC

Server Specs
Intel ZEON
24gigs of ram
1GB Connection up/down
NetServerMaxTickRate= 60
2x xp
3x harvest
Thralls do more damage so server does not feel weak.
PvP enabled (strick rules read below)
NEWB Freindly

Welcome to Land Of Kull: Conan Exiles

Server Name: Land Of Kull

This is a Roleplay PVP server. Roleplay is our primary goal here but we also enjoy a good dose of Player vs Player.

If you are looking for a RP ONLY experience, You can join this special list and be free of raiding worries.

You cannot have a good server without a solid set of rules . These rules are in place to keep a higher standard on our server. These rules will not be changed. They will be enforced.

Admins are held to a high standard. Transparency is key here. We record and screenshot everything we handle. Admins play on their admin characters and are not allowed to raid other clans unless agreed apon, only defend their own. Admins are not permitted to have alts unless they are named as an admin alt. Admins under no circumstances are permitted to spawn items in and retain any of those items.

July 1 -last wipe/fresh server

Your Admin Team
Kronos- 6+ years of moderation on roleplay websites of over 60,000 players. 10+years of WOW and other countless mmo and mmorpg. Owner and head admin of Land Of Kull Servers.

Rules as Follows

Land Of Kull Zero Tolerance Policy
We do not tolerate any form of hate speech or derogatory language in game. We do not allow admin bashing. We do not allow other servers to be advertised. Cheating, exploiting, building under the world or hacking in any way. Griefing or harassment. All of these will result in a ban. Players with VAC bans will be handled on a case by case basis.

This is a Roleplay/PvP server and all rules are strictly enforced. By following these rules below, you are helping to keep the community a growing, fun place to play. Please read the rules carefully and thoroughly to avoid breaking them while in-game.

This helps admins and other players contact you incase of emergency.

Roleplay - PvP - Character interactions

  1. Global Chat is OOC. Local chat is IC. Voice chat is neutral and left to the players involved to decide. Voice chat is not accepted as roleplay before pvp

  2. You must have a Roleplay friendly name. If it is inappropriate an admin will ask you to re-roll your character or it will be changed for you.

  3. Avatars are used in events only by admins. Anyone using an Avatar not involved with the admin-team will be banned.

  4. Raiding is defined by building damage turned on for our server. Raiding is only allowed for 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday 7pm-10pm server time (EST). The only areas that are off limits for raiding is “Legends of Kull Admin” clan buildings and ANY building belonging to a clan on the “#rp-clans-do-not-raid” list.

  5. Griefing. Griefing players/clans will not be tolerated. Griefing is defined as harassment. If you target a player or clan 5 or more times in a row without reason, you will be removed from the server. (example: Kronos hunts down Rockabella specifically, kills Her. Waits for Her to respawn and kills her again. Kronos lets her respawn and come back a third time and kills her again. Kronos is griefing. Don’t be like Kronos.)
    5.1 Building structures within 10 foundations of another players claim is considered griefing. This includes chests. (exceptions are made for temporary buildings)
    5.2 Ruining the gameplay for other characters or generally being “toxic” will get you banned.

  6. Player vs Player. Roleplay interaction is REQUIRED before combat in ALL instances below the northern border. This could be an elaborate roleplay, or merely a short warning to the other player that you are hostile. Copy paste messages are not tolerated. Give the other player a few moments to react before killing. If they run away? Game on. If PvP is disputed, admins will require screen shots or video evidence.

The only exceptions to this are the following:
*If you enter into combat already in progress between other characters.
*You are NEAR combat in progress and get in the way or are assumed to be part of combat group.
*You may kill an afker as long as an attempt of RP was made.
*You may kill unconcious players.

  1. KOSing. Kill On Sighting. This server allows KOS above the northern border (snow and volcano). Roleplay is encouraged here, but not required. Griefing rules still apply. We have a map that shows what is allowed where on discord

Building Rules
These rules will be strictly enforced and any structure found to be in violation of these rules is subject to deletion.

New Players Building Zone

  1. “newbie zone” New players are encouraged to build in the green zone on the map above. This area is strictly limited to players under level 30. Players here are allowed ONE structure and it must consist of Tier 1, and must be 4x4 foundations and 2 walls high or smaller. ALL STRUCTURES MUST HAVE A PROPER SIGN

  2. Solo Players. Solo players are allowed ONE structure of any size.

  3. Clans
    Max Clan Size= 12
    Each clan, regardless of size of the clan, may have 4 permanent structures. These consist of ONE main base and 3 outposts.
    3.1 Main Base may be any size.
    3.2 Outpost must be 10x10 foundations or less, or 5 foundations from the center of a circle to the outside.
    3.2.1 You may put decorative items, or an elevator or stairway to the outpost structure for access.

Please place all signs in a clear, visible location next to the door of your structure. If placing a large sign, place it on a foundation connected to your structure and next to your front door. NO EXCEPTIONS
4.1 Mainbase structures must be labeled with MAINBASE.
4.2 Outpost structures must be labeled with “OUTPOST #1/#2/#3
4.3 Temporary structures must be labeled with Temporary and the date it was constructed. You will have 3 days before this structure is deleted.

  1. Do not block points of interest, resource spawns, npc spawns or prevent passage through obelisks. This includes but is not limited to: Fences, thralls, traps or explosives. Bases blocking these will be removed
    See below for proper examples of signs

Raiding/WAR Raiding is defined by two clans going to war against each other with pvp and building damage on SATURDAY and SUNDAY during raid times. Griefing rules do not apply during times of war when there is active pvp in a raiding situation.

  1. All clans and solo players who wish to raid on the weekends MUST declare their intentions in #war-room Monday-Thursday. Follow directions in the war room. If you do not declare your raiding intentions and are caught raiding, you will face disciplinary actions.

  2. You may only declare war on ONE clan per weekend. Any alliances MUST declare war if they intend to raid with you.

  3. The defending clan is responsible for checking the #war room channel before friday. Not knowing you are a target is not an excuse.

  4. If you wish to retract your declaration of war, contact an admin BEFORE SATURDAY EST.

Growing fast over 20 active members please join to help fill server