Land of the Dead PVP Server UK!

Land of the Dead Server Rules.
We’re keeping this server cheat free and fair.

  • Change your Discord Nickname to your In-game name.
  • Break the rules and get banned. Simple!
  • Do any of the ‘Do-Nots’ and we’ll just delete the offending building or build without asking.
  • For support queries or questions, use the #server-support channel.

Rule Set

  • No Toxicity, Racism or Homophobia towards other players. This includes any Racist or Homophobic language.
  • Clan Size = 4
  • If you break the rules, and you haven’t joined
    the discord to read the rules. You will be
    banned, no argument.
  • If you suspect anyone of cheating or rule
    breaking. DM an Admin.
  • Community builds are welcomed, but ask permission first.
  • Only 1 Max Tier Temple per clan
    We’re here to play too, and we will NOT
    cheat or ban anyone out of salt.

List of Do-Nots.

  • Do Not Intentionally block spawns of NPCs.
  • Do Not Block resources from spawning.
  • Do Not Spam Foundations or ‘Server Performance Killing’ Random buildings for Land claiming or memes.

Want an Instant Ban?

  • Just Undermesh!
    We’ll ban you and your entire clan.
  • No VAC Bans under 1.5k days allowed on the server. If your VAC Ban is older than 1.5k days you must be reviewed by an admin.
  • Game Bans Must be reviewed by an admin.

PVP Building Damage AKA Raid Day

  • Saturday: 7pm - 12pm UK

Purge Timing

  • Every Weekday: 6pm - 10pm UK
  • Minimum of 1 person online.

Search LOTD or IP -