Land of the Forgotten RP Server

Land of the Forgotten RP

Season 1
☆Whitelist Open now.

About us:
We dedicate ourselves to creating a Player first Dungeons & Dragons Inspired World. Instead of Large server wide events we want to Encourage & help Player made events. We also will create small events based on characters’ backstories as long as they give the Ok. Sometimes you may Find small easter eggs relating to your or a stranger’s old lost memorie. Or maybe even stumble on a moment frozen in time.
We have created a Isekai(a person who is transported to and has to survive in another world) genre storyline. Something has happened to your character. They do not remember what your goal is to survive in a new world where your choices come true. When Creating your back story you can either write up your own pass your character will slowly be remembering or the staff will be using for your events or you can choose to be surprised and the staff will create a pass you don’t remember, so that you can have fun discovering it alongside them.
it is your choice if you want to remember your characters past at all you can choose not to participate and live a new life as a blank sheet.

Story Lore:
Something has happened to your passed character, you will choose what in your character Sheet. Death, comma & Dreaming are all ways of coming to these lands. You could be yourself asleep at your pc or have Died somehow. This land is odd and mysterious in many ways and you can discover more about it in game by talking to its people and reading hidden notes and books.
You wake up, mind a fog as you can not remember who you are or how you may have gotten to where you are. You look around and find yourself in a small room that looks to be the inside of an inn. There is clothing neatly folded on the bed and a small pouch of coin(receive this using /kit) there is a note on the wall next to the wall. Where will you decide to go from here? Who will you become in a world manipulated by your choice & imagination?
(come Discover more)

Server Information:
☆ 40 Slot to start with Planned Growth.
☆ Exile Map
☆ Future plans to connect Servers using the Amulet system once we have a player base. (adding Siptah)
☆ Location= North America
☆ RP- PvE-PvP
☆ Voice RP
☆ Max level 120
☆ Lvl 120 Boost available but not forced.
☆ Harvesting Rates= X2
☆ Craft Multiplier= 0.5 (takes half the usual time)
☆ Clan Size= 8 smaller clans allow more rp outside of your main group. Less Clicks.
☆ Small building Kits given to each clan leader
☆ Map room & other Travel Methods found in the Starting City. open possibility to be added to Player hubs as well in the future…

Mod Highlights:
Indrid’s Custom Race and class
36 Races & Classes= 5 Guild, 10 Classes, 21 Subclasses
Exiles Extreme & Legacy of Darkness: Clothing & accessories
Allowing all sorts of Accessories and Transmogs to make you look the part of the Races.
Ravencrest couriers
An Immersive courier system allowing for sending mail between clans…
Improved Quality of Life
Allowing for More Customizations of your characters being able to Change your proportions
Dangerous Exiles AHDS
Making it so that when someone is taken out in Pvp or Pve they are then Knocked out instead of being sent to their beds. This makes for a more Realistic Game play. Someone can be Healed or just stay down only pulling their bracelet if they choose to perma.
This mod adds more monsters and activities to do along with magic and many more items to craft.
We have Changed the way we are handing out Factions & Magic pairing it with the Ingrid mod to make it closer to Dnd styled you learn these things via our Class trainers.
☆☆ and more ☆☆

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