Land of the Wizards has space for you

Friendly PvE with optional PvP server has spaces for new players.

We currently have two clans of three people each but room for a few more to make their mark and build their kingdom.

We are very relaxed and friendly the two clans current helping each other out during purges.

PvP is restricted to Weekend morning and only by prior arrangement

Currently no mods, although that is open for debate.

No current restrictions on building and thralls other than don’t block off important or large amounts of resources.

If you would like to join the land of the wizard then message me, all friendly people welcome.

Harvest multiplier 2

Durability multiplier 0.3

Keep items on death.

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Forgot to add our discord sever

Should also add, after talking to an American on discord last night, currently we all all in the UK. I don’t mind anyone from a different time zone, but just so you are aware.