Land of Tororia (PS4) - Build your fantasy world with us!

Welcome & General Info.

Hi Exiles - Please join us in creating a fun RP Conan experience. We’re looking for new and experienced players alike to create a beautiful player friendly environment. Our settings are pretty vanilla and close to an official server; except harvest and player XP is multiplied by 5; Doors also lock as well. We live in a small (20 Slots) and peaceful world world and the admin (Not Us) is open to growing and welcoming more people to join. As of now it’s open availability but depending on how many join, it may become a private server with only active players with the password or just open to Max slots.

•Server Restart Time: 3:00Am CST & 3:00Pm CST.

Discord: Message Slayercp (PSN) for an invite.


The admin is really relaxed when it comes to moderating however there are a few basic rules.


  1. Clan Housing: Each Clan May have 2 bases & 2 outpost. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have fun building, but also keep space for new players.
  2. No Griefing/Harassing players: In order to keep the savage experience of being an Exile and making sure new players have a fighting chance, we want to make sure players can PVP/Raid as much as they want as long as all participating members consent. Players are allowed to kill/raid the same person twice, but after that if the person request you to stop. You have to respect them and not attack for 48 hours. Also players are not allowed to constantly promote their business to other players (More about business down below)
  3. No Destroying Community Property: Leader clans in our world have created a couple of community properties for everyone to enjoy. So far there are two - The Arena & The Village of Ashara.

*Failure to comply with rules can lead to blacklisting of player. Also players who need to report another, please report to Slayercp (PS4)

Community Properties

•The Arena

-The Arena was created so players could challenge each other to the death. Sometimes the best way to settle a disagreement is in the Arena. Monthly tournaments take place at the arena and clans are able to prove who’s top by showing it in front of everyone. There is ample seating in the arena and concessions are normally available during official tournaments. Also check out the jousting area. Located in the top of H6, close to the Summoning Place.

•The Village of Ashara

-The Village of Ashara is a quaint little town located west in the top of C7. Within the confines of this little village you can hangout with friends at the Tavern, sometimes drinks are provided. Reduce your corruption with a community entertainer and if you have gold to spend, check out what’s for purchase at the exclusive Exiled Vault and Bank (High Level Items). Official clan business can be held inside the meeting room and this is also where citizens can register to run for King (Perks Included). All the excitement from exploring the village can easily make an exile hungry, check out the community kitchen and be sure to not be greedy with the food that may be provided. Also If you’re feeling generous, there is a donation center for those who want to give back to the community. Whenever you’re ready to go back home for the day, feel free to use the community map room to teleport home.

Events/Fun Stuff

•Arena (Monthly Event - Clan in Power)

-The 15th of every month there will be a community arena tournament and the winning clan receives prizes. Also the winning Exile will be publicly posted as champion along with their clan. There will also be Thrall championships as well. (Losing member will still keep their inventory on death - no looting allowed during tournament.)

•Village Hangout Area

-Explore the little Village of Ashara

•Leader Clan help

-Leader clans in the clan are enthusiastic about helping new members get started.

•Bank and Vault of Exiles

Use Gold to buy Current Selection of High Grade/Legendary armor or weapons

•Create a Clan

-Create, recruit, and manage a growing and thriving clan. Will your clan be recognized as the Top Clan? Register your clan for a private Discord Text channel.

•Server Gallery

-Share your pictures of Conan with fellow server members

•Own a Clan business (Business License)

Each clan may operate a business and have it advertised at the Village of Ashara and The Arena. Cost 50 Gold

•Become King - Quarterly Election (King of Exiled Lands) (Registration cost 5000 Gold) Also have to be elected. As King you are permitted to host special events, give business licenses, collect 50% income of Bank Vault. Also receive a Flawless Set of Armor, Two Tier 3 Body Guards.

*Have to be an Active Player.

Current Clans/Clan Creation

•Current Active Clans

-Vampires of Nyte

Usually known for stalking their prey at night, the Vampires of Nyte are known for being formidable foes in battle and normally known for ambushing their prey when they least expect it. If approached to become a Vampire member, be prepared to learn battle tactics and how to assassinate your target; without failure. The Vampires or Nyte operate an assassination business. Players can hire their services to kill another player and an extra fee to deliver what’s on their body. They are cold and ruthless killers; avoid at all cost if possible.

-Cult of Ashara

Dedicated and delirious members of Ashara follow a crazed leader who values power above all. They are unpredictable and obsessed with magic and wielding the power of the Gods. If lucky enough to be accepted into their clan & into the School of Magic (hidden deep underground); You will have access to potions, elixirs, war paints, and magic augmented weapons. Be weary of this group of cannibal cultist; as if they’re hungry, humans are first on the menu.

•Register Clan

-Register your clan for a private Discord Text channel.

•Registering your business license.

-Clans who want to legally own a clan based business with free advertising must register and pay 50 gold coins. Message Slayercp for info.

Any questions just message Slayercp (PSN)