Landclaiming - How will funcom adress the issue

I think everyone is familiar with the term “landclaiming”.

In order to make sure nobody is placing something around your base, you can place elements around, so anybody trying to build something will get the notification “land already claimed”. So this mechanic is fine, you just don’t want anybody building a base right next to yours - he would farm your resources and it will be war all the time.

So placing elements in the near surroundings of your base is fine.

However, on PVE and PVE C this is a major problem.


You cannot destroy other building elements.

So what is the problem?

I think it is general knowledge now that clans are exploiting this. They are attaching cheap T1 elements to their main base so the decay timer would reset everytime they log in. But they are not only doing this in the surroundings of their base - no … they are MASSIVELY building elements attached to their base THROUGH THE WHOLE MAP.

So what is the problem again?

If I am about to build a new base, I find those landclaiming elements everywhere and it is hard to get a good spot to build. Even if there is only 3 clans active on a server, the whole map is covered with those landclaiming elements.
They are not only looking sh*, but also breaking the game experience a bit. On top of that, the elements hinder resources to spawn. We had one clan building next to us and they were jeopardizing all our iron nodes around the base ON PURPOSE. So we had no iron nodes left as their elements were there and we had to move our base…

So my recommendation is to do something about it on PVE and PVE C. Maybe you are creating a new item which is placeable. This item is like a beacon to your base. You would only be able to place foundations in a certain radius around that beacon. This will lead to players carefully choosing where to place this beacon and not creating elements through the whole map like a spaghetti chain.


Completely agree with you. I found a similar problem with one player building in an higher place near my base(That I built weeks before him). I was not able to place items Inside my building because it was claimed by him… Had to wait 3 weeks before the small hours of this idiot became degraded

Are you aware that you can report players to Funcom if the building abuse is causing problems?


I also agree with you, the building mechanics has never been changed and has been utterly abused since launch. Yes, we can now report exploits, but its more than time Funcom start working in ways to prevent them from happening.

Just yesterday I logged in my server and the Savannah area is suddenly all DEAD, entirely covered in foundations. All baby tiger spawns dead, elephant boss spawn dead, all rhinos spawns dead… its the 1 million time this happens and its frustrating know it will just keep going on forever.

Overbuilding and land claim spam are serious problems that hurt many players, sometimes the whole server. Funcom should take measures to prevent from happening in the future, or at least mitigate the problem. When a problem becomes recursive its best try preventing it from happening again, not remedy the problem over and over again.


They kind of are doing that. Not by putting in mechanical limitations that would also restrict legitimate building, but by making building spam against the rules. Eventually people will learn that by abusing the system they end up banned and their effort wasted, and stop doing that.

Funcom’s current response time to reports may be sluggish because they have a huge backlog of issues to investigate, but once the situation calms down, there will be fewer new infractions and they’ll be able to react faster to reports, removing the point of even intentional griefing because the illegal build won’t last long enough to cause enough trouble for the would-be victims.



Wow, whoever did that has too much time on their hands, what’s the point? I didn’t realise stuff like that was still happening. Definitely needs to be dealt with.


Jup indeed, the point apparentely is that those spaghetti noodles are connected to their base, so decay timing / building score is increased / exploited. This way the foundations stay forever once someone is loggin in, in the base. In the picture you can see that

  1. Nobody can build anymore in this area
  2. you are having trouble travelling through this area
  3. you are having trouble dragging thralls through this area - no climbing etc.
  4. Resources around those elements are GONE for everyone

… please ban permanently


The sad part, is it doesn’t take that much time to do it. HEnce why it is done.


I’ll never understand some people, even if it only took them 10min, all that stone wasted on pointless disruptions to the game. Reminds of players on GTA blowing up others for absolutely no reason :confused:

Reign of Kings did one thing i liked.

Guild Crests act as a Land-claim boundary. Only one clan member can build/place one crest. So 3 Member clan can place 3 all together. 3 tiers of crests each with more HP/Armor and large claim size. Players could destroy/replace the crest with their own to take control of the land(And anything inside it) So you could take control of somebodies castle or base for example without having to destroy it all.

This was great as it prevented spamming buildings everywhere. But it was super limited if you were solo player. So maybe something similar or a hard-cap on how much a clan all together.


Hey, I built one of those in that same spot.

…on my Single-Player game.

Have you contacted ignasis or hugo about it yet? There are things to do about it, you just have to do something.

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Jup, sent out a massive report today with pictures, clan names, coordinates … if that’s not leading to something I don’t know

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It’s a Saturday. Be patient.


i see the same thing from road builders, i am trying the polite way.


The fact that you have to build signs and write stuff on it and be ‘polite’ to solve a game mechanic issue is noble but sad


jup, patient since 2018 :grin: should write that into my signature :rofl:

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I agree that a limit to building has to be implemented soon. Overbuilding is getting out of hand. On the server I’m playing we have this one player who builds square little houses by the hundred. Already made a complaint and I was told that you’re allowed to spam as long as it looks like a settlement.

This is considered a legit build by admins, when it is clearly spam snake just for the sake of claiming. This is called beding the rules and we still have the same grief as before, only it looks more attrocious and causes more lag.

Funcom should add a daily maintenance cost for every building block you place. In this way, everyone will be more thoughtful about that they build and certainly no one will pay maintenance cost for thousands of foundations on the map, so there will be no spam in this way.

I think it’s a bad idea that Conan Exiles wants to follow in the footsteps of Ark’s building system. It’s the reason why Ark servers are so laggy and unplayable and the same is happening with Conan Exiles right now. The lag is unbearable during purge. I know for a fact that large builds cause lots of lags because I’ve played on fresh servers with 39 people online and had 60 ping, and on a server with huge spams with 5 players online i was constantly hitting 160 ping. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and should be the main focus for Funcom before changing other systems or adding new ones.


This is a major problem and needs to be adressed asap.
I’ve already made a post about it, some players landclaim to avoid other players building nearby, but others have built massive bases and roads(and i’m pretty sure many of them were not entirely “legal”) taking away resources, landspace, server performance and of course, the beauty of the land.

We could, indeed report those players, but they are too many for funcom to do something about them, i reported them already and got no answer at all other than they may or may not do something about it… they didn’t of course… why whould i keep reporting players if there is no action?

What i did was to find another server with less crap placed over the place, and i did, only to figure out they were there too but with less buildings than the others.

This has to change, a new player will never find a good place to build because some idiots care more about their shi tty buildings than the whole server experience, i guess that’s fine, but if the players are not going to put more effort in the whole picture, and won’t even understand that they are not playing alone, Funcom should take action to stop that kind of abuse, it’s bad for their game, for their users, and their own image.

There has been already many discussions about this topic, some players are ok with limitations but others are not. I understand both parts but i’m more inclined with limiting the amount a player can build and the land they can claim.

For me, the solution would be an upkeep cost after a certain amount of land claimed radius, still possible to build after passing that threshold but with certain invesment from part of the player that has to keep paying in order to maintain the land they want. The bigger the land the bigger the cost.

Also, t1 building should decay way faster than t2 or t3. Many people build in t1 and leave, with the idea to upgrade to t3 later, they claim a massive land and then start to upgrade certain parts… i know they already have a shorter decay timer but if you place enough foundations linked thogether the timer is the same. they should be different decay timers. I know many people can’t play or won’t play daily, but this can be fixed with something else. At this moment, the decay system only helps the exploiters and abusers of landclaiming.

Speaking of the decay system, this could also work as an incentive to claim less land, if the decay timer shortens with more land claimed than what it’s permited.

And last, there has something to be done about those who only log in to refresh their timers, they hurt the game so bad that should be considered exploiters. Play and let play, people, if you don’t want to lose your bases but won’t play anymore you should be banned from that server.