Landclaiming - How will funcom adress the issue

Well, I sent pictures of equally luxurious theme park weeks ago. It still is there, sprawling from Volcano to Great Dam. Perhaps this is OK and I should try building something like this to expirience the joy of it.

Ive seen some absolutely massive and epic looking structures on PvE servers. Sprawling acres of awesomeness. Some people are building entire cities.

Never understood why people want to destroy other people’s great works on a PvE server. It is almost like they dont have the stomach for PvP and want the devs to do the heavy lifting for them by snitching and demanding bans from Funcom. Like some over zealous neighbors in a Home Owner’s Association gone bad.


Your idea of “spam” here sounds a lot like creativity to me.

That’s exactly why I don’t want any mechanical limitations to building. Just because something is big doesn’t mean it’s disruptive. That’s why it’s better for an impartial judge to make the call on a case-by-case basis.

What does that “settlement” block? How does it hurt other people on the server? If its only sin is being huge, then let it live.


The human being is very creative at the moment of being destructive.

You know, it’s not a sin to build big, i think it’s fine, i’ve done it myself, i think that being that passionate and creative to build is one of the things i like the most of this game. Seeing what other people build it’s amazing, how many ideas and combionations, i love the building from this game.

That being said, i think there is a problem here and it lies when this same liberty is abused to hurt other players, being by spaming their t1 buildings all over the place to keep other players away, and when they build masive structures that they don’y even use but they want to have in there because of reasons.

Building big isn’t the problem, buildiing without thinking in the other players that plays with you is.
Building excesive amount of roads around the world to “help” other players is also a problem.
Building settlements only to stay there consuming server and map resources and nobody uses is a problem.
and of course, spaming t1 buildings to avoid neighbors is a problem.

Limit the landclaiming!


I really like the idea, Godly Voice ! How would players “pay” for this? Would it be cold coins per week? But honestly think about it, a big clan can still build big as they have plenty of people farming the gold coins. BUT funcom has a good way of controlling the issue.

Let’s say funcom woud implement this solution - maintenance cost for buildings.

  1. Lets say 100 T3 elements would cost a clan 10 gold coins per week
  2. They got 10000 T3 elements total - 1000 gold coins per week
  3. If funcom finds later that this is too much costs - it could easy adjust it down…
  4. This way funcom can control the landclaiming
  5. People would be more cautios of what they build
  6. Environment would look prettier
  7. Server performance would be better
  8. And honestly I think the buildings would look prettier as well - as clans would carefully think about it

Nice idea - thanks ! :wink:

As everyone can see - there are plenty of ways to solve this issue, just needs to be a creative solution to enable both:

  1. Clans to build beautiful big bases
  2. Clans not exploiting landclaiming

I see 1 problem with the idea though, the bigger the clan - the more resources it would be able to farm and we might end up with a “survival of the fattest” situation, just like in capitalism… the big clan might not care about the costs as for them it is easy to farm with all the mechanics like gold rocknoses. Yet the small clan might struggle…

So I think we need to have a solution which is not based on “pay for land”.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Every clan member gets a max. amount of elements he can place (let’s say 100k). To not abuse this with fake accounts being invited into a clan - restrictions need to be made…
  2. You will get 3 new crest / beacon items per clan. this beacon serves like a transmission mast for mobile phones. It has a certain area around him which it can cover. By covering I mean - you are only able to build in this area near to your beacon. Why 3 beacons? You want to have a base at the desert, one in the highlands and 1 in the volcano as a clan - still you are not spamming buildings EVERYWHERE
  3. … lets get creative


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Daily or weekly maintenance costs would be a terrible idea for more casual players who like to build. After building my dream home, most of my limited play time would go to harvesting resources for maintenance, ie- doing chores. I don’t play a game to do chores. I want to go adventuring, seek treasures in dungeons, murder bosses in the Unnamed City and train my noob thralls, and have a home to return to.

The real fun of a sandbox game is its lack of limitations. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t use this freedom responsibly and ruin the experience for others. That’s why I play Single-player only - that solves the problem of having to deal with annoying people. But it would not solve the problems created by putting mechanical limitations to the game because they would hurt me, too, even though my constructions in my own private world never hurt anyone.


The beacon way seems the most reasonable. No daily fee or other stuff, only beacons and avoiding buildings in sensible spawn points


Here is another one …

#nocomment #fixlandclaim

Imagine that players have built StarWars Deathstar in mine craft. You could do the same type of builds in Conan Exiles, since there is no limit, and that would be the best proof for creativity. It doesn’t mean though that someone should, because that will clearly break the server and enable admins to close it for good.

I’m sure you are already aware that for every block placed, the server has to take data from the player that did it, and relay it to other players every second or less. So, when a player builds thousands of blocks in a single scene, server crashes or has huge lags because it uses all the available bandwidth to transfer that data to the other players on the server. The data that has to be transferred for each block is the cords in virtual space xyz, the rotation cords xyz, the decay timer, the owner, the hit points, the mesh model, and that is a lot of data that has to be sent to every player constantly for every second or less, for each block individually.
So yeah, let’s all play in lag and low fps because someone’s idea of fun is to overbuild the server and ruin everybody else’s experience.

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I was suggesting the same decay system as in Rust. I don’t know where you get the idea of gold coins, but I never mentioned that, and you totally misunderstood my point.

In Rust, players have to pay a maintenance cost of 10% for the total cost of their builds. In this way, players limit themselves based on how much they can play rather than having a server-side limit which is a bad idea.

Moreover, I’ve seen a really interesting mod on a private server that can calculate your build score, based on how many building pieces you’ve used. Funcom could use a build score and enable a maintenance cost, once players pass a certain limit. The average bases were around 3000 score on that server, while the huge spam structures were above 15000. So, a more intelligent decay system would activate a maintenance cost if you pass let’s say 10000 score. This could also serve as an incentive for players to farm more materials and not stack resources without a purpose.

So the idea is that, players with a base score under 10.000 would pay no maintenance, while those above should pay, because that’s what it means to take responsibility when you ruin other people’s games with overbuilds that no one asked for.


I realise this question wasn’t aimed at me but I can answer it based on past experience. On a previous server I encountered a few large settlements, and although they were impressive and well thought out they took a long time to render, I died multiple times getting trapped against invisible walls while attempting to fight or flee groups of enemies. I’ve got nothing against building but sometimes even impressive builds can be disruptive. I try to use single player when I just want to build for the sake of building.


Um this is Conan Exiles, is that proprietary to Rust?

I see that quite a bit, do it like X game. Is X game company gonna take you to court for doing it that way? Or is it a free unreal code out there?

Folks, Funcom has already published their response and plan to address building spam.

There are three possible paths forward:

  1. Employ their rules, report when discovered, trust the process
  2. Find a different, free, server to play on
  3. Fund your own server and enforce your own rules
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Ah thanks for explaining, this makes more sense now, i guess

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The issue isnt even with big creative bases. just hop onto almost any populated official server and walk around. People snake foundations across the whole map, including using t3 foundations and vaults. it’s not creative in that sense. Its obscene. Other things they will do is make place 6 wedge foundations and a square on it out of t3 to get max decay timer.

I went to an official server to check it out if i wanted to play there. The base was such a huge minecraft box it was causing me to tank FPS. They had literally foundation spammed from the entrance of the Dregs to Sepermeru with nothing but black ice foundations, eliminating all resource spawns and all building locations. Just 'cause they can. That’s stupid and its game breaking.

And no, the option to “just go blow it up” before anyone says that, it would take an unreasonable amount of time to farm enough DP to do that, and Im sure they have enough resources to spend 30 mins and remake the whole thing.

There needs to be something in place to stop this kind of thing.

  1. Which would be fine if they had the staff to actually do something about it, they really cant moderate the servers they have, so something automated, like an upkeep system, should be added to prevent people making servers unplayable.
  2. If you want to play official servers, so you dont risk progress loss etc when a server shuts down, its bound to be an issue on another server, too.
  3. I get that this is an answer for some. But some people may not have the option to pay what basically turns this game into a subscription model just to be able to play. Also, if you’re the admin on a PvP server, you can expect nobody will be happy about an admin actively trying to play the game they have paid for due to admin abuse suspicion.
  1. I did, no answer, and to be honest i understand, every server has the same problem, they can’t.
  2. I tried, same problem, every server is plagued by spamers
  3. I don’t want to rent my own server, i would have done it time ago, i just want to play in a server that won’t go offline.

While i respect and i understand that some players want to build giant bases as advetised by funcom in their launcher trailer, this has to have a limit, i think a player should build as much as he or she wants but after certain amount of land claimed it should cost the player something to maintain, enough to make him/her think about continue building that way, or enough to consider their playstyle/playtime to keep their bases as big as they want. This cost could be modified in the server settings, to not affect those players who preffer playing solo/co-op.

This could solve many server lag issues, people walling important parts of the map, people spaming foundations, eternal abandoned bases, etc. Also, this kind of limitations are great for creativity.


Yeah I had the same problem a year and a half ago. Large builds would lag the hell out of my computer. Including my clan’s base. So what did I do? I upgraded my PC because it was a potato. Now no issue whatsoever.

Some of you that are saying this is “disruptive” due to frame rate lag simply need to upgrade your PC. Why should the rest of us be limited to small builds because your PC is choking?

Are you not DISRUPTING those of us with decent PC by demanding that builds should be limited?


You are calling this landclaim spam? Seriously? This is a road! Nothing wrong with this at all.

Tell us what server this is on so we can see if this is as egregious as you are claiming…



The game isn’t PC exclusive, and even if it was then you can’t expect people to spend money upgrading their system to be able to enjoy a game that they already paid for. I’m not calling for anyone to stop building or to stop being creative just remember that there are other players affected by what you do online.