Lands of Toril, High Fantasy RP ERPvP 18+ (vWnZpdU)

After a massive battle with the undead, the residents of the Isle of Lost thought they were finally safe. Other than from the Black Tower that is. But that night the maelstrom kicked up again but this time it did not stop. Laughing could be heard in the winds, as it grew and grew. Slowly the horrors from the storm could reach parts of the island they never could before. Lives were being lost on both sides, as the residents defended themselves. The laughing grew louder and stronger. Then finally portals all over the island tore open, wild surges they were known as, but these were in reverse. The portals began sucking up any creatures caught in their path. Some people sucked through to worlds and lands never to be seen again, others sucked through and found themselves in the Lands of Toril. Some friends lost, some dead, some surviving.

Races Many of the same races still exist, some have been pulled out. Some races like elf and dwarf have been broken down to just Elf and Dwarf, you can roleplay them as any type of sub race of elf or dwarf you wish to. Humans have many different cultures but they are all just human. The Conan race name is the culture not a different race.

The Lands of Toril have long been a place of diversity and strife. There has never been a king or queen aside from the Witch King and the ancient race of Acherons. Their kingdoms have fallen, left to ruin, undead run rampant, creatures of the wild everywhere. But over the past 100 years, creatures and people from other worlds and places have been coming here through magic means of travel. The transition to the these lands however strips them of everything, they must start over, begin their lives anew.

The strange thing about this world however. Is that the lush lands that people inhabit only extends so far, the rest of the world is desolate desert and ocean. Rumors of a strange island out in the middle of the sea exist and some newcomers talk as if they came from there. They speak of a black tower and maelstroms and horrors no one has ever seen in the lands of Toril before.

Everdale and Supermeru and New Asgarth seem to be the only towns that have sprung up. Some seem friendly but many are not. Everdale has survived because of its free trade and its people welcoming all.

3 Factions have formed in the lands. The Emerald Enclave, protectors of nature and the lands, keeper of secrets. The Order of the Rose, those that seek justice and order in the world, protect the innocent. Then the Shadow Council, no one knows who runs this council, but they are made up of thieves and outlaws and thugs, even evil mages and other creatures belong to the council.

Discover the land, explore, build, fulfill your wildest fantasy!

  • Multiple races
  • Classes and factions
  • Custom quest
  • Custom thrall camps
  • Custom dungeons
  • Stable economy

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Banned and kicked of this server with out hearing my side.Still triying to fing the admin that heard me.

We haven’t had to ban anyone in over a month, and I don’t recognize the name. What was the name you used in game?