Larathiel's Valley of Doom (UNofficial #1502)

Hi all, as mentioned in a few other posts lately, I’ve started up a private server! Currently, the player base is comprised of the best and most friendly players from PC PvE Official #1502 who (like me) had grown weary of toxic players and wanted a bit more agency over gameplay decisions.

Now that we’ve gotten established, and I’m feeling more comfortable with admin duties, we wanted to open up the server for other players to join. So if you’re a friendly and cooperative sort who enjoys building but could do without troll builds then come on by!

0. We’re all friendly and we’re all here to have fun. As such, bigotry, griefing, cheating, and other anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Give established players space when you build: preferably out of render distance, absolutely out of purge distance.
  2. When building, be considerate of rare resources and boss spawns.
  3. If you need to send a decay runner to a new place, clean up afterwards, or ask the admin to help delete it for you.
  4. Purge T4s and Chest Keys default to the clan that is getting purged – ask if unsure.
  5. When thralling, clean-up any KO’d thralls that you aren’t going to break.
  6. If you need help with anything, feel free to ask our community.
    X. Be excellent to each other!
  • Note: Since the server is running Pippi, and it’s a PvE server, we’ve left the /sethome and /home commands enabled for everyone. This means you can feel free to build your base anywhere without feeling obligated to stay close to an obelisk. Likewise, it also means we can teleport home with newly KO’d thralls! We no longer need to worry about having maprooms and wheels at every NPC capital! :slight_smile:

Settings & Info

  • Address:
  • Discord info is announced in-game at regular intervals
  • Timezone is US Eastern Time
  • Hosted by GTX Gaming out of Charlotte, NC, USA.
  • Pre-paid thru January of 2021 with auto-renew enabled.
  • 20 slots presently, but I’m willing to upgrade that if the need presents itself.

The following settings have been altered from the default values found on PvE Officials:

  • Thrall Limits are disabled, we ask players to be considerate instead

  • Decay time is set to two weeks

  • Harvest Rate increased 50% to 1.5x so base-building syncs up better with journey step advancement

  • Crafting Rate sped up by 50% to 0.67 to match the 50% increase in harvest rate

  • Daily Restarts are at 5am and 5pm ET.

  • Death Marker Count increased to 5

  • Purge Meter Update Interval 7 minutes for faster purge meter progress

  • Purge Window opens at 7pm ET and closes at 10pm ET so players have some family time after getting home from work.

  • Purge requires at least 1 player from a clan to be online (i.e. no offline purges)

  • Note: Although it is exactly the same on Official servers, please be aware that bodies remain in-world on player logout. For some reason, the mod list seems to obscure this from being visible in the server browser. As such, it is recommended that all players store their gear in a chest before logging out, just-in-case of an offline death.

Mods In-Use & Load Order
Steam Collection:

Individual Links:

  1. Pippi - User & Server Management
  2. WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain
  3. Fashionist
  4. Swift Elevator
  5. CharEditLite
  6. Stabilise Camera
  7. Savage Steel vol II
  8. Savage Steel
  9. Emberlight
  10. Amunets Weather Changes
  11. SandstormFix
  12. Less Building Placement Restrictions
  13. Mod Control Panel
  14. Exiles Compass

LBPR Settings



The community on this server is top notch. We are all here to help and have fun. Larathiel is always open to suggestions on how to better our community. While some things don’t get implemented he always listens. At the moment there are 10-15 dedicated players. Come join and have fun!


Some other handy info:

As mentioned above, we’ve left the /sethome and /home commands enabled for everyone. This means you can feel free to build your base anywhere without feeling obligated to stay close to an obelisk. Likewise, it also means we can teleport home with newly KO’d thralls! We no longer need to worry about having maprooms and wheels at every NPC capital! :slight_smile:

There are several kits available that can be accessed from anywhere in the world by typing /kit into chat. These are generally intended for use as emergency supplies and as such are on the expensive side so that there’s still an incentive to, ya know, actually play the game. :wink: Items include armor and weapon repair kits, a cheap katana for when your follower traps you in a dead end, a mirror that lets you recustomize your character or thralls, and a Thespian so you can add decorative people or shop keepers to your bases.

There are a few taverns and shop keepers that are starting to appear around the map, including at the Sinkhole and Frost Temple obelisks, and outside the Temple Quarter at Sepermeru. Additionally, several players have both crafter and combat thralls for sale at their bases, and it’s not uncommon for folks to sell duplicate legendaries and extra scrolls from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. So feel free to stop by your neighbors’ homes to check out their builds and see what they’ve got for sale.


Nothing more to say. We’re a little family really open to newcomers with the best admin you can get!






I have been looking for a PvE private server with an active admin to start again on, Maybe I will check this out, hopefully my ping won’t be too bad for the server region.

@Larathiel is there a max ping restriction on the server at all?


No, there is no ping restriction on the server. And as someone who is in France, it’s extremely rare for me to have troubles, so you should be good!


The only restrictions I have are by region, with North American and Western Europe allowed, and the rest disallowed. We do have 2 players from Europe (him in France, another in Sweden), and both of them seem to do well for themselves.

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:frowning: ah then I’m afraid I am :poop: out of luck. I live in South Africa so I guess my search for a nice PvE server continues.

I usually play on EU as the ping from south africa to eu isnt bad, to america it is slightly worse but not unplayable. Would have been nice but I understand your reasoning for using specific regions and I respect that decision. It’s just really lame that finding a local server for my region that has a player population of any sort on it is really challenging, I pretty much have no choice but to play international if I actually want player interaction.

I guess your server won’t be getting a resident hobo from africa to roam it’s lands :grin: lol. Thanks for the welcoming attitude anyway :+1: would have been cool playing on a server with yall. Well enjoy anyway guys.

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I’ll have to perform a manual restart of my server in the near future to allow today’s patch to install. When that happens, I’ll try to allow Africa and see if that helps. Mind you, if I have any mods that haven’t updated that could still prevent a connection in the short-term, but we’ll see. :wink:


There is hope for @Hobo_The_Wise from Africa :eyes:


Dam that would be really cool of you man, I’ll test after work tonight and see if I have luck connecting :+1:


Alright, it looks like Regional Settings can be changed on-the-fly in the Server Settings panel. I’ve allowed Africa, sooo… I guess we’ll see if it works or not. If not, then another reboot may be required – something that might be necessary anyway if/when some of the mods we run issue post-patch updates.


The Hobo King arrived he liked what he saw and after surveying the land has fallen asleep in a bush somewhere :+1:

Big thanks again to Laratheil for being so accommodating, :metal: server settings tweak worked like a charm.


Glad you’re liking it so far, let me know if you need help with anything. :slight_smile:


Are you still accepting newcomers? Because this sounds amazing.


Sure am, feel free to hop in! :slight_smile:


After being put to a vote, we’ve added the Emberlight mod to the mix!

1st post updated to indicate current mod load order…


In honor of the rate doubling that’s been happening on Officials, we’ve changed the Purge Meter Update Interval from 15 minutes to 7 minutes. :smiley: This should allow people’s meters to fill more quickly from actually playing while not increasing it too much more for those who simply use the idling trick.