Large base disappeared

I had a large base by the river near the jaguar Transport pillar, with a bridge that then crossed the river and went to a large base on top of mountain. 10,000’s of reinforced and regular blocks, plus all the stuff inside.

It says lost stability in log but I’m in one play solo. PS4. Is there a way to get my base back?

Only thing left are a couple lights and a floating elevator it seems. Where are the thralls?

If it is solo play, you can always give yourself the resources to reconstruct via the admin panel.

You might try to see if your game was saved online and if this save wasn’t updated after your base disappeared. If it’s the case then you just delete the save on your PS4 and replace it with the online save and then restart the game. Normally it’ll restore your solo game in a previous state with your base still there.
If doesn’t work your can enable the Admin panel and to use it to spawn the building parts to rebuild your base. That’s quicker than farming materials and crafting them.
And this time use a repair hammer to check the stability of your base. In fact it’s a good habit to always craft the basic repair hammer and keep it in your hand while building anything.

Didn’t know about admin panel, is it on ps4? Also it’s weird cause it’s not a hammer stability issue, the entire bases which was large, it was a castle, a large gate and walk way around that I evaluated by 100 blocks. A sky walk way around and a giant bridge across the river. It was actually really cool was going ro put it to video to show when completed. The only thing I can think of is it was a server issue and I used “Too many” pieces, etc, and it crashed or something.

How do I check if the online version vs what’s saved on ps4? I assumed it connect to online “saved” version each time I log in.

I have another large base that has been there on other side of board and is still there luckily.

To access the admin panel you must first make yourself Admin in the General Parameters. Then you’ll see just above Parameters button in the main Menu in game a new button that open the admin panel.
To access both the online and local storage it’s in the parameters menu of the PS4. Tehre you can configure the PS4. If you scroll down there’s a choice for Managing saved data (Gestion des données d’application sauvegardées for me, I’m not sure the exact wording in english).
There’s 4 choice there : Saved data on system (local save)
Saved data online
Saved data on USB
Automatic downloading (téléchargement en amont automatique, I’m not sure again of the exact wording in english)
The first choice enable you to : Upload data on online storage Or Copy data on USB or Delete data.
The second choice is the same except you can Download data on your local system.
On both choosing Deleting then Conan Exile you’ll see when the data where saved. For me The date for the local save for CE is Today. But the date for the data saved online is yesterday.
Imo that means if I download the online save to replace the local save, I’ll find my game in the state it was before I played today.
Be careful to uncheck any boxes if you don’t want to delete something and to quit with Circle.

I would like to say a big thank you for the help. It didn’t work but I was able to load up a saved “online” game from right after the event happened, so your trick would have worked if I didn’t log in yesterday.

With that I’ll just have to build an even bigger and better base.

With making myself admin does it cause the game to crash, etc? Does anything get taken away? Here I’ve been farming like a mad man, when I could have just clicked it.

I’m wondering if USA version has admin?

You have full access to the admin panel in single-player. You can spawn whatever you like and cheat away. You can also adjust the majority of the server settings for your single-player game.

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