Large bosses puts thralls under the terrain

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

Fighting a large boss mob (a dragon or other oversized mob like Rockslide or the White Elephant) that have knockback/stomp attacks can force the thrall that’s fighting them under the terrain. In some cases the thralls can continue to hit them, but don’t seem to be taking any damage. In other cases, they can no longer hit the boss and it will either attack the player or disengage.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put a thrall on follow
  2. Shoot at a large boss mob (e.g.: a mature dragon, Rockslide, etc.)
  3. Thrall engages mob, fight starts normally
  4. Boss pummels thrall, thrall ends up under the ground
  5. Boss becomes rather confused

I doubt this is actually just a single player issue, but it’s all I’ve been playing as of late.

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Hello @Megaton238, thank you for your submission!

We’re be forwarding this case to the developer for them to look into, could you please also share which specific mobs have a higher rate of producing this issue, and what type of thrall you generally use?

I can confirm this happens 99% of the time when I’m fighting the Red Mother with a Thrall. The thrall can usually still make contact with the Dragon, they are just buried up to their neck in the ground.


PC-Version, same issue.

Red Mother an Rhino Boss does it too.

Spinas and Daicas.

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The red mother, green dragon, rhino king boss and rockslide seem to be the most usual offenders. I’ve been using Erii as my tank thrall for those fights.

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