Large excessive buildings and building around other players bases

Dear Funcom there is a major situation on Conan Exiles the original map server 3521
There are these Clans are guilds that have built and blocked over 90% of all the map

From Mounds of dead all the nuby area aqueduct. They have walled off all obelisk

They even built their base around my base so I build anymore and they place all of their thralls around my base to where I had to stay at the spawn point I know especially with your new updates that dishes direct violation of your guidelines please remove these people from the server because everybody is leaving the server left and right because of these guilds please intervene

This is going on on official server 3521

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You’ll have to put in a ticket via zendesk to get it resolved.


Be patient Sky. Funcom will act if they need to, but maybe not as fast as you hope. Definitely put a ticket into Zendesk and let’s hope they get rid of these idiots that think it’s still okay to block off obelisks and land claim.

Sky you might want to try playing on a private server if this matter is not resolved. I play on An Unexpected Journey a pve-c server . Those kind of issues are quickly handled by the server administrator on my server. I agree that toxic players can ruin the game playing experience.

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