Last ditch effort to retain audience

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You have beta tested for one year. You have sold the live game which has actually just been a beta test for the last 5 months. Red Dead is less than one month away. THis is it, Funcom… home stretch. Time to nut up or shut up. We have suffered this silly excuse for a professional video game for 5 months and have been at your mercy due to very little competition for open world gamers. I know I am not alone when I say I would keep playing this game even after the next major release…I am also not alone in saying “I won’t do so if this is still going on, come October 26th.” Time to make it a functional game or kiss what little fan base that remains goodbye. End the stutter. End the slow render ( there are only an average of 6-10 people on per server, for crying out loud). End the bugs and FORGET about your ambitions to expand the game while it is on a weak foundation. Get some professionals in there and fix your product. The fanboys will chime in and make excuses for you, but 80% of the people who bought this game have abandoned it… 10% are leaving soon. That last little bit of players won’t pay the bills. Most of us are jaded and won’t be looking back. Show us something now or forget about selling us the sequel. That is all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Pay for the game
2.Download the game ( and all of the hotfixes)
3. Play the game
4. Look up the release date of Red Dead


Thank you PeterPancakes ! I am 100% agree !


The only thing I don’t understand about these do or die posts (and there are plenty, and not just this game either), is that you are basically asking them to work on something they already are. Like, as if they aren’t already working and are just sitting around, playing cards or something. Urging them to get it done sooner won’t make a difference either, except result in a 500 patch result again.

There are 2 performance specific patches in the works that I know of, and one of them has been documented and talked about a few times now. They talked about what they expect the major performance update to do in the last Q and A, which I documented here. I’m sure trying to pressure Nikola (Nicola? I still don’t know the spelling of that developers name) into getting that performance patch out sooner because “insert game is coming” will surely help.

As for bugs, which do you refer to? The last patch fixed several of them (though introduced others I grant you, which at least two of have received official responses from Jens). Funcom has also been adamant about providing better quality patches, and largely this latest patch was exactly that.

Fallout 76, Red Dead, a gazillion other triple AAA games that have nothing to do with Conan Exiles and the Sandbox genre are coming up. All of them will siphon off players from Conan Exiles, much like that of various other games out there now too. No amount of patching or whatever will change that. Heck, even I’m excited for Red Dead (though I tend to wait a while before I play such games, cause I have a back log of games as it is). Red Dead sounds fun, I’ve always wanted to play an open world type western game and haven’t ever had the chance because I’ve always been a PC player (so no Red Dead 1 for me).

I just don’t think that threatening to leave your current game because of (insert reason) makes any difference, you’re going to do it anyways and have every reason to and people always do. That’s the reality, and it’s perfectly fair. It’s the long term retention, give players a reason to come back that I think ultimately makes a difference in this case. Once the holidays are over and people are bored with Red Dead or whatever shiny game entices them (for me it’s Middle-Earth - Shadow of War because I’ve been waiting until I built my new PC this winter to play it), that they look to Conan Exiles and go, okay so what’s new? What’s changed? Has that whatever bug that I can’t stand been fixed? You enjoy(ed) Conan Exiles at one point, if Funcom gives you a reason that you like to come back, you will.


:thinking: Interesting discussion from both sides with valid points. Xbox users are still waiting on the last patch btw! So they are probably moving on as well. There are too many games out there to not be having fun in Conads world. Online on xbox is a ghost town pretty much now anyways.

For some people the what’s changed or whatever bug I can’t stand that needs to be fixed still hasn’t been fixed and maybe never will. Speed and accuracy usually gets the business, where slow is a no go! Doesn’t matter if it’s AAA or not if the speeds there to fix or get out content. The speed should have went up since release or before especially if they have made a great gain off of the game.

You know money, :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: ,money, money, Mun eee!
I’ll make you Promises, promises is another song fun con sings!


Xbox is going through certification as of Thursday. It requires 5 days, minimum, to do this process, this is a Microsoft thing. If Microsoft flags something and requires it to be fixed, the 5 days starts all over again.


Hello to all, for my its not the problem wen a patch com out. The problem the patches not really do something,
after the last patch i have the same issues as before (ps4 pro. i do step by step was posted in the forum to solve the issues and reinstall and install 6 times). So i go to the forum to see wat i do not correct ( always look first is it ps4 problem )and see all the posts from pc users now have the same problems like consoles and consoles post the same problems since appearing.
i like mostly of the new things they do in the game, but the issues still there. I like the game wen not otherwise I would not be here. I play solo because of my internet and i pay the game because of this reason.
It just does not help wen we smear honey around the mouth of Funcom, its not god for them and us.
Maybe it’s understandable that im slowly got upset.
To all have a good running game and a good day !

Ps : Is this true - ( its a german website ) ?

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Not a threat, man…they already got my money. Just reality. Game could have been a diamond and ended up being quartz. Saddening. Throw tomatoes if you like but come the 26th, all of the “it’s not that badders” will be seeing even less people on these ghost town servers. I for one won’t be stuttering through the lag, at that point. They could have spent their time correcting issues but instead, divided their staff to add new content to a game that was too broken to accept new content. That tells me everything I need to know about their commitment to the player base. Funcom has NOT been adamant about fixing patches. I am not sure how that statement can even be made while we are forced in to feeding thralls and dealing with these broken addons all while bugs still exist from launch. I still spawn with blood on the screen. I still deal with invalid thralls. I still lose my corpse through terrain. I still am stuttering through the lag of slow render despite being on unpopulated / unbuilt servers. You don’t need me to list everything. If you play the game ( which could have been brilliant and should have been nurtured) then you know exactly what I am talking about. No free passes or “tried hard” trophies from me ( or 90% of other gamers). I won’t be replying from here on out, as I have no ambition to see or talk about this game any further. Not even sure whey I bothered to post in these unread forums. Just venting, I suppose. And lastly, if new content brought players back…then where are they?


Steam charts to your final question. Good luck on your new game adventures!

So I guess I’m one of those few remaining xbox players. Yes, I’m frustrated at times and have posted as such. However, I still love the game. Bugs and all. Yes, there’s a lot to fix, but there’s also a heck of a lot right with the game.

Dude, we’re getting to play in a richly designed world that pays homage to Howard’s greatest work. Give them some credit. Remember, at the end of the day this is just a game. Yes, one I’ve probably spent 600 or more hours playing, but just a game.

The devs are doing the best they can, the fastest they can.


Very much this.


That line is just insulting and unhelpful in every regard. Not sure how making personal attacks on the dev team is helpful in any way shape or form.


Dear friend, we are just facing the reality, we appreciate Funcom effort, we appreciate the world they created.
It is a fact though that the world they created, and we paid for, does not work properly on Playstation, and is causing major frustration to many paying customers.
Nothing wrong in hiring some help to produce a fully functional console conversion of a product, many software houses do so by default.
Do you know that there are companies specialized in console conversion of pc products ?
Look at Subnautica for example, they hired the “Panic Button” guys for the console port, to do a professional job I mean.
The game on console struggles even loading textures, we have delayed sounds, even 10-20 seconds delay, do you think this is normal for a professional product ?
Nothing “insulting or unhelpful” in that sentence he wrote, unless you are a blind fanboy and you take somehow personal offence in it.


Yeah that worked out great for 7 days to die. Oh wait…

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