Last of Clan how to get Leadership Passed

I am the only person still logging on to play. The Clan Leader has removed the game from his PC and so can not promote me to leader. I need a Dev. to step in and assist please. i do not want to lose everything I have built and collected.

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Sorry to hear this because the only succesful way I know of unless you play on a pvp server is to have at least one trusted friend you can hand over all items to that you can pick up, and let them keep it for you until you have destroyed all buildings and pets/fighter thralls.
Once you are done, you leave the clan and ask the friend to drop the stuff for you to pick up, yes you will have to build a new base, but at least you will have the resources given back to you for destroying the old base.
Not sure but I seriously doubt that you will get a Funcom moderator to promote you to clan leader, if so it would be the first time, at least in my experience :slight_smile:
Forgot to say that it is usually a good idea to change attributes so that you have 5th encumbrance perk before doing all this :wink:

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There have been many similar posts in the last few weeks all have ended in the conclusion represented here. Can you not keep playing as member or you can not bring other into your clan and access stored items?

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