Last patch - show me the complaints on berry pulp


European official PvE-C server

I see there are some changes… and problems…

  1. insulated wood now need oil - BUT fistraps from where to GET oil are STILL NOT WORKING
  2. Jorney completely wrecked.
  3. Map - all markers gone and can not be reclaimed
  4. obsidian tools just got unusable… not going to wear on a tool that needs to practicly go into the vulcano to fix… (eyah yea, I know it’s only composite obsidian I need to go there to get, but the point stands)
  5. berry pulp is now on par with a water skin, as you need to drink ALOT of berrypulp to quench the thirst
  6. thrall movement looks like a series of glithes
  7. food and fuel decay are skippinn allong out of controll… I haven’t timed it, but food that should hold one hour is tops making it 10-15 min… probably less… same for torches, and probably everything else
  8. B-button don’t do it’s thing, and can not find the function in the keybindings either.

And that was just from my first 10 minutes… time to take a deeper look

There are as usuall a LOT of “fixes” that is nothing more than getting LESS from everyting; balancing it’s called, I think… but REAL bugs, that people have to work around, are not fixed…
Can still not fight an NPC under a tent, get honey or fish, finnish the journal, and the list goes on and on…
Instead is work being put into making BERRYPULP less OP…
I am no longer shocked, but very dissapointed.


food timers skips 20seconds every 5,
cant see my character in the inventory window
most of the mods are not working
resources drop ignoring the rates i set
those were my 10 / 15 mins


They fixed more than 500 bugs and thats a lot, maybe there are just about a dozen new bugs which hopefuly can be hotfixed asap


And that’s the problem… should never make a 500+ patch, but instead patch often and small… improves the successrate by a lot.

when releasing a patch this size, it’s VERY hard to find what make this and that break, but patch one or two things at a time, and you will actually have some controll…


It feel like I’ve been watching a year-and-a-half-long amateur routine at the improv theater.