Last update is crap

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First have respect, then complain as a person, with education and manners, a greeting


Lol the spam god🤣

Why are you building on the edges of NPC cities anyway?


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Right and on a map that’s still being developed then gonna make everyone pay for his mistakes lol

I see a ban in the future :eyes:

Because they were previously BUILDABLE spaces.

Why the stealth nerf? Why is this not mentioned in the patch notes?



This is a problem. And this needs to be corrected via a hotfix ASAP. There was no warning that you would be changing the no-build zones. Nor was this mentioned in the patch notes.

This is egregious.



Here I have the corner of my building. Which, arguments aside, I intentionally nestled up closely to the “no build zone.” But clearly I was able to build in it.

I have here at least a few stacked foundations, an outer wall “skin covering” the foundations. Visible is the thatch corner piece, flanked by two sandstone fence pieces. When I attempt to place a sandstone ceiling tile above these pieces, the game will not allow me to snap the piece in here.

Why were the build zones (in non mesh “problem areas”) adjusted? And if I am correct about this adjustment - why was this not mentioned in the patch notes?

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Nevermind. It appears that I may be safe from building issues. So long as I can do without needing to put my bedroll on my roof corner pieces illustrated above. I think the reason I couldn’t put the tile down is because a tile cannot validly be supported on top of a roof corner piece. I was able to upgrade my roof corners with no trouble.

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You are not the only one who has run afoul of these new and disproportionate building zones @Desdemonica. I have started a thread which I have poste a link to below, where I am also waiting for word back from Ignasis aboit the teams findings. I would encourage to come on over and expand upon your own experiences within. For example, where your base is, how large the no build zone is, what messages it is bringing up when you try, etc.

I know your frustrated and cross right now, and trust me, I understand how you feel first hand. But come and post ok. Just try your best to be factual, consteuctive and concise. Were both in this together now, and I want to try to help you out, even if I can not help myself.

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No there wasnt. It was done in what I feel was an underhanded manner. I am an Offline Singleplayer myself. They didnt just block undermesh sites and stop building below ground level, they also expanded the no build zones around almost everything! There is no more building or placing Bedrolls in dungeons. No more building in Sepermeru or the entire Unnamed City biome. No more building communal Maprooms near Obelisks for PvE players.

Hopefully you will not have to expand your base further in that direction, or you will be in trouble. Cauthey tell me somerhing, when the problem building pieces are examined using a repair hammer, are they tagged as owned by you?

I just hope the game isn’t broken Friday and they all go home for the weekend.

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