Latency issues suddenly

Since 2-3 hours ago many(most?) EU people have major issues with latency spikes. My ping is usually around 140 stable, now the “stable” latency is 280, with constant redbars at 2000 ms. Its quite unplayable so would be nice if something could be done before weekend :frowning:


Yes really bad play this ping :sleepy:

The lag is connected to kutchemes, i dont get the lag outside, but as soon as i zone in it starts.

EDIT: Seems to happen outside too

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The game is unplayable at the moment. Lag spikes all the time.

Ye first I only had it in minis now its everywhere, 200-1000 ms

Yes, constant rubber bands in minis since that thing came out

Can we get a ETA on fix @AndyB Prolly got to do with optimization of how server is counting streaks. Since id does not collect em the same way mana/stamina etc every second.