Latency Issues, Teleporting NPCs and possible Fix to this!

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Problem: Server Performance
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Hello People,

I stumbled upon something that seems to cause the lag issues i and many others are facing when playing on official servers with teleporting enemies, wild life like deers teleport all over the place and thralls not catching up to you but are constantly teleported to you.
Usually i can rely on my routers uPnP settings and so far PSN relevant Ports have been forwarded correctly all the time. But for some reason this however doesn’t work for Conan. When i connect to the server i am playing on there are three ports showing up. but there is an error message (error_translate) that indicates a problem with the forwarding.
I deactivated uPnP and manually forward these ports now. I dont know why this doesn’t work anymore. It always did.

This makes a HUGE difference for me. There is almost no teleporting anymore. Enemies move fluently and constantly. My thrall is now following me all the time and don’t just stand there till he is out of render range and than teleported to me.

I will test this for a bit and report back if this is now a permanent state. It would be nice

But you should check if your router is forwarding the ports correctly. It might not

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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This should probably be moved players helping players.

That’s an interesting find, definitely want to hear more after your testing.

What router are you using?


my router is a cable modem router of custom design directly from my ISP. Tthere is no information about it on the device what brand it might be. Also the Browser UI is comletely custom

I can safely say now that my severe latency issues are gone. Since i forwarded the ports manually the game significantly improved for me. All network related issues with imense teleporting of enemies or non moving enemies that silently hit you are gone. Even in New Asgard and Mounds of the Dead and Sepameru enemies are not teleporting there. They move fluently. It still happens now and than but nothing in comparison to the state before.

However it can not solve the issues that are not network related. NA the BG and sepameru are still bad in performance and often completely desynced audio. FPS drops significantly there for me. but these are not related to network latency.

When i revert back the settings and deactivate the forwording for these ports the problems come back. Its for sure the problem somewhat is on my end.

I am not sure how exactly uPnP works in detail if it needs some kind of handshake from the server in order to automatically forward these ports. That would explain why it is not working if the servers not allow for this. Its odd that this only happens with conan servers. Other games don’t show me ports with an (error_translate) message in the forwarding table.

Anyhow i think its worth looking into for people that struggle with bad latency issues.
I of course can not guarantee that it will solve the issue for anyone. Because it might just simply be a bad connection.

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