Later Today: Level Cap to 30, Leaderboards, & More

Hey all,

It’s been quite the eventful couple of days this week. First, we once again sincerely apologize for the sudden extended downtime yesterday - we work to avoid downtimes during primetime spots and certainly don’t intend to make a habit of server shutdowns without notice. Unfortunately, the situation that affected players on Saga of Blood required us to take swift action.

So, by now, it’s not a huge secret that some players were suddenly finding themselves at a much higher level than what should have been possible this week. And, of course, with those levels came Feats and AAs, and the ability to equip high-level items. Not great for when everyone’s supposed to be Level 18. :stuck_out_tongue:

We fixed players’ levels yesterday during the downtime, and will be clearing AAs and resetting Feats for ALL characters on Saga of Blood today. This will require a short downtime, and during this downtime we’ll also raise the Level Cap to 30.

As mentioned in our previous announcement about leaderboards, we are resetting overall progress to account for Kills counting Most Damage Dealt instead of kills + assists + team mate kills.