Latest Game Update Sudden Temporary Brief Interruptions of Smooth Play Cycles

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On or close to the update around 20 December I was playing Conan Exiles in the evening and when I retired it was play like it has since I purchased the game. Hours later in the morning it began to hit the breaks about every 10 to 15 seconds. This happened whether I was in an enclosed area or outside running through the hills or beaches. I threw on a graphic card monitor while playing since then and the data did not appear related to data spikes due to light and structures. I peeled off mods that might be more recently added even though I was just playing with them the day before with no relief. I asked around if a recent update occurred as I did not notice one but have asked around and I was told there was during that time period (about Dec 18-20, estimated) If this was so can anyone who has seen an update around that period please reply. I don’t run but a few mods and that was from around September’s Sorcery’s update when I took most of them off until it appeared they updated. The are all the most popular like IQOL. Again the problem happened over an early morning period. Thanks all and Merry Christmas.

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