Latest patch gives daggers sluggish vibes

And, now it is just another boring swinging tool…

I have been playing exiles for a little over a year now, and have enjoyed one handed axe and shield during that time… I felt my game was getting a little repetitive, so I took up daggers, and wow what a difference! With this latest patch however, everything that I loved about daggers is gone.

Sure, I get how in pvp it can keep people from spamming combos to hinder player activity, and sure I can get how it makes more encounters favor the npc side of the fight, but this could be another way. The way it has been done here is just annoying. It’s not harder. Just annoying. Now we can combo x2 and then no matter what attack we have to wait for the boring arms movement cooldown animation feature. This made daggers entirely worthless to me, as, I really enjoyed being about to x2 light attack x1 heavy attack backflip without animation pause (so as to scope out the battle scene) and then rinse and repeat, now I find myself strafing more just like I would with a sword and board. :frowning:

Conclusive Suggestion: Either fix how fast animations between attacks work, or fix the way dagger combos work. Either way the sluggishness with this latest patch will be felt across the board.

I may edit in the future if only for proofreading purposes.

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