Latest patch today, cannot run "Secret World Legends" -> it shuts down

Today was " Server Update: June 25 @ 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 GMT"

Avert that, i cannot play the game:

When I click “Secret World Legends” Shortcut (.lnk)… it come open., then in 2 seconds it shuts down.
This worked today b4 patches.

Hmm maybe i should update my nvidia drivers to latest? (wich I haven’t done as I had a lot of problems, so I’m using older driver which never bugged)…

Did update to latest Nvidia drivers. No help… think there’s something broken with the launcher

Did you try restarting the PC? I had past experience with some other programs not closing properly and keeping SWL from starting. A pc restart fixed that.

My funcom client triggered my AVG, and AVG wasn’t being super loud about it, so it kinda quietly shut it down for me. Any chance that could be your problem?

YES, same it opens… and about 1-2 seconds goes shut down…but i don’t think it’s an AVG issue, will check that out

I did download the latest patch while servers were offline today. Oh and forgot to stay, standalone installation no steam here…and did reboots = restarted. I also upgraded my GPU driver (nvidia) to latest… nothing helps

Check antivirus. Mine was doing the exact same thing all of a sudden until i gave permissions.

Patcher caused Ransomware warning a related issue I think.

I installed latest Windows Feature windows 10update 2004… then it works… hmm or someone fixed something in launcher…after update, I clicked the launcher icon, it updated some files (kinda fast) and worked…

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