Launcher copy paste does not work



In de launcher the player is invited to join a discord server. The text in the launcher:
Hey, we have a Discord server! To Join, copy and paste this code into a new browser window:

The launcher does not allow to copy from it.

Another thing, not sure if this is only my observation. the dns name ends on “gg” but the bottom of the letters gg is cut of so it could be qq to, if you don’t know what discord is this might be confusing. See image below



That’s odd, I was able to copy and paste the text on my end. I don’t run any kind of special client or anything either.

Andy Edit: I’m dumb, you can’t copy and paste from the launcher :adnyplz:

In any case, thanks for the report - I’ll look into options.


Maybe you already had it in your clipboard? The launcher allows selecting, but ctrl-c does nothing. :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m just dumb, I dunno. :adnyplz:

Anyway I’ll change the prompt and shrink the text when I’m able to get to my computer. Thanks for the heads-up!


Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:


Text has been shrunk a bit so you can clearly see it’s “.gg” and the prompt just asks you to enter the URL into a new browser window. The launcher does not like hotlinks and can’t copy-paste, so this is the best we’re able to do at this time.

And for the record @Saavick , I did have the URL saved in my clipboard already so that’s why I thought it was CTRL-C’able. Sorry about my confusion; that’s my bad.

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