Launcher crashes at startup, will not allow for any game access

Not sure what may have changed, worked in the AM, but not in the PM after work.
I open steam library, I select Conan Exiles, I select Play.
I get the FunCom splash screen.
As soon as the launcher loads, it closes.
There are no error messages, no indication that something is wrong… it just wont start or Stay running.

I have tried removing the launcher and verifying files, which caused it to download again and install. same results, it will NOT stay running.

Any clues as to what may have changed in the launcher. As I stated, I logged in and play for about 30 minutes before going to work, got home from work and cannot get in.
There was no PC update, no system update, no software updates.

Any clues before my Builds decay?

Try this.
2021-06-12 22_46_26-Window

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