Lazy followers won't attack

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [usa]

[Followers won’t attack and just stand there even if theY get attacked

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey Dark, welcome to the forums.

This is a known issue and is in the process of being resolved. A patch is available on the testlive branch for PC currently, with the console updates to follow once it goes live.

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Same for me. When i gave him dagguer he wont attack, but when i change for a axe or a sword, he attack. Server 2508, mode pve-conflict

Hello @Dark_vegeta, welcome to the community!

Our current testlive patches are focusing on thrall AI and management improvements, and we’ve addressed a few issues already regarding the reported behavior, you may read more about the upcoming update here:

Weapon change occasionally breaks the AI. Sometimes just handing them a different weapon confuses the AI. But if a weapon is removed while in combat state, the AI will freak out looking for that weapon and just stand in the corner waiting for the weapon they want to use is returned to their inventory.

YouTube creator Wak made a video describing a workaround. But it would be refreshing if the AI would ‘just works.’

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