LC is recruiting! PVP official server 1945 "USA PC ONLY"

Hello Bronans, LC or Lordaeron City is currently looking for new clan members. We are located near sep city and control a large portion of the west side of the map. There is around 8 members with only 3 active members currently playing. Both myself and my Co-GM are both Marine Corps veterans, i myself am a combat vet from 09-14. So if your another veteran we would love to link up with you!

We need reliable players willing to farm supplies daily and scout player bases. We will be willing to work with new clan members to get them to max level and geared correctly. There are several large clans established on this server, us being one of them. Our overall goal is to provide more numbers to our clan to provide more stability during raid hours.

So what sets us apart? On our server we are considered the largest clan base with the most resources placed down. That often means its a tremendous amount of work for myself and my Co-GM top upkeep and expand. We are well known for helping newer players and clans out till they reach max level. We are well known for being the “costco” of the server, because we provide trades of T3-T4 thralls for other materials.

If you find yourself interested leave a comment in here explaining your play time and why you are looking to join my clan. Recruiting will be open till the end of next week, at that time we will select new members “if any” and retract our recruitment post.