Leaders 18+ Wanted For An RP Server

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Me And Another Server Owner Currently Own A Server On Both Exiled Lands And Isle Of Septah.

Before Discussing What Is Needed, I Would Like To Point Out That Our Server Is A Family-Community Base And We Do Things As A Team.

We Have Built Alot Of Trust Between Our Players And Leadership. If You Feel Your Presence Would Disrupt This Community, I Ask You To Please Stop Reading And Proceed Elsewhere.

As, We Have A “0” Tolerance Rule Against Bullying And General Community Harassments.
These Servers Are Built On A RP Base With Leaders That Help the Admins Run The Servers.

I Am Currently In Need For The Following:

Exiled Lands

  • Leader For Highlands Biome

  • Leader For Jungle Biome

Isle Of Septah

  • Leader For South West Of Map

If Anyone Is Interested And Would Like More Details Please Feel Free To Message Me On Discord.

My Name Is : Arch-Priestess Faith#9228

Thank You For Reading, Have A Lovely Day <3


Welcome to the Forum.

I know its a bit late but I sent a discord friend request so we could chat