Learnable Bow and Greataxe of the Grey Ones Locations changed?

Previous learnable locations (under central small building alcove and East pool) no longer have the interact version to learn from. Have they been moved or is this a bug?

I’ve found all the items. Check out WAKs video on the locations. I don’t know if they’ve changed from early access but since the latest release, they’re right where he said they were.

Now if FUNCOM could get rid of foundation spam of nearly the entire island we might be able to craft the items. #endfoundationspammers

I know the exact locations they were at. I’ve found them early access. Since Xbox launch I’ve found all the others but those two are missing from where they used to be, hence my question which also stated where they used to be.

According to someone else they were where I looked as of 2 days ago. But I don’t know if that was on Xbox.

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The great axe is the same place as WAK video but the bow is not there.

Weird on my server the Greataxe isn’t there either.

Now I’m second guessing myself. Maybe it was great sword. I will check when I get home.

From memory, the great axe and bow are near the eastern Grey Ones pool. They may not be live on consoles though.

Where they used to be: Greataxe: go to Eastern Pool and as you walk to pool turn right and then go to your far right corner outcrop and it is at your feet. Bow: in the center are just before the pool (can see spot from Greataxe spot) is a small squarish alcove underneath it, look to the left of corner (opposite chest) on ground should be there. Where they are currently: Nowhere on Xbox at least

I was kind of hoping they were moved and someone knew where and if not then a Dev would see this and fix the issue. I even ghosted undermesh and under that mesh etc to see if they had clipped or fallen down but didn’t find them.

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