Leaving the Exiled Lands (Glitched)

Recently the Chaos Altar has been brought back into play, so I went ahead and crafted the final item required to remove the bracelet for good and leave the Exiled Lands. The first problem I ran into was that the boss never appeared, so I just removed the bracelet and walked out. The second and more important problem is now when I enter an instance (such as the Dregs) with a new character it loads the end game scene and deletes my new character. Is anyone else having this problem or is there a solution that I do not know about?

Thank you very much for your report. The developers have been informed so the can begin an investigation. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the next patch.

So, it seems like the issue went away. I tested it again after a couple restarts and roughly 8 hours (not all in-game). The first two times when I experienced the problem I entered the dregs within 45 minutes of restarting.

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