Left & Right confusement - Left/Right Sloping INVERTED Walls are misnamed or illustrated wrongly

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Is it just me? … Or are the ‘Left/Right Sloping INVERTED Wall’ pieces either misnamed or mis-illustrated. Left and right are ‘swapped’. All build pieces are illustrated seen from ‘outside’. Including these ‘inverted walls’. The illustrations and the arrangement of left/right in the build menu ‘grid’ seems correct. As you would expect ‘Left’ on the left. ‘Right’ on the right… But for these ‘inverted’ walls correct ACTUAL in-world placement left/right seems to correspond to an ‘inside’ viewpoint? … Am i the only one who thinks this got ‘inverted’? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bug Reproduction:

  • Build wall (only Non-DLC materials tested). - Attach ‘left’ or ‘right’ inverted sloping wall (seen from ‘outside’). - ‘LEFT’ needs to go on the RIGHT side and vice versa.

Seems fine to me:

There is a wall there in the middle (used insulated so it’s more visible)

  • To the left of that wall is the left sloping wall and the left sloping inverted wall
  • To the right of that wall is the right sloping wall and the right sloping inverted wall
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Well… You kinda stuck the NON inverted walls into the mix there to make that work. If this is indeed their intended use? … That would make sense i guess.
However it still doesn’t match the illustration in the build menu:
Did some screenshots to go here - but alas: “Sorry, new users can not upload images.”
… Oh well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Check out the build menu. It shows the ‘Outer Face’ of the pieces.
Like this:
Left: [ \ ]
Right: [ / ]
… If this crude illustration makes any sense? :stuck_out_tongue:
But the shapes are ‘mirrored’ when you actually place them ‘Outer Face’ facing out - Compared to the images in the build menu.

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Hmm… I didn’t pay much attention to the icons that is true! So there could be something up there :slight_smile:

However I think this situation is very “subjective” based on the individual person’s understanding of the language used.
To me it makes sense… because inverting something means turning it upside down and sure enough those pieces are the “upside-down” versions of their non-inverted counterparts - the negative if you will - and together they make up a wall :slight_smile: (that’s why I mixed in the non-inverted versions to illustrate that)

So in that context the slope of the inverted piece doesn’t count (since that’s not really a slope anymore, the slope is produced by the shape of the gap instead)

In any case I think this is one of those things where you will find plenty of people who will interpret it as either one of those two ways :smiley: However the icons could still be mixed up.

As for the forum “new user” thing, you can just open a couple of threads on the forum and scroll through them and “read” for a bit, only takes like 2-3 and your account will be upgraded almost instantly, it’s just a spam protection against bots

I think you’ve misunderstood what @uncle7am is trying to say. The building menu icon for the “right-sloping inverted reinforced stone wall” looks like this:

When you select it to place it, here’s what you get:

And when you place it, this is what it looks like:

Here’s the view from the other side:

As you see, the icon does not correspond to the actual piece. The outer face is not oriented the way it should be.

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I don’t know… I thought about that too :slight_smile: but in the bug reproduction they’re saying we have to build stuff and says nothing about icons… so I wasn’t sure whether they meant just the icons and if so why do we have to build for that…

Because that’s as simple as saying: “The ICONS for the left and right sloping inverted walls in the building menu are backwards and need to be swapped” - there, bug report complete.

So all the details about actually building stuff seemed quite confusing so I just picked the version that required building anything :slight_smile:

And only now in their second post did they specifically start talking about icons to which I said that it might be the case as I haven’t checked those :smiley: But they also mentioned that me involving the non-inverted walls somehow made it “make sense”, which again if we’re talking about icons… :confused:

See where I’m coming from? :slight_smile:

The bug repro isn’t very well-described, but that’s normal. Most people don’t submit bug repros the way programmers do :wink:

Here’s the bug description, though:

They use the word “illustration” both in the original bug description and the second post you mentioned. It would’ve been easier to just post screenshots, but the forum doesn’t let new users do that :confused:

I agree, but let’s not be too hard on anyone actually submitting bugs instead of going red in the face and screaming on an unrelated form :smiley:

That’s because non-inverted sloping walls have correct icons. At least, I don’t recall ever seeing any with the same problem as the inverted ones. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… so maybe we deciphered it!! :slight_smile:
Btw @uncle7am no offense meant and feel free to confirm if we’re on the right track :slight_smile:

DeepMind introduces AI model to decipher ancient texts

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Exactly! Thanks for the excellent illustrations! (Was trying to paste something similar but got the ‘new user’ thing)
Build menu ‘icons’ and actual placed pieces… do not match. They are ‘mirrored’ if you will.

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Hey … No offense taken at all! :smiley:
You are absolutely correct… I could have been a lot more clear and concise in the description AND especially in the ‘reproduction’ part (which i guess is the important one?)
Thanks for the tip on the ‘new-user’ issue.

And to confirm: Yes my ‘gripe’ is that the build-menu icons - and actual placed pieces do not match. They are ‘mirrored’ or ‘inside out’ if you will.


As i see it there are two approaches to fixing this.

  • Rename and swap the position of the ICONS in the build menu? (i don’t like this ‘solution’)
  • Swap the actual BUILD pieces. (Which i would prefer… As the icons and their position in the build menu makes sense as is… imo.)

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