[Legend of Pre Siptah Conan] Opinions on restoring some things

After being absent from Conan due to the isles of Siptah expansion due to the change in the way things work. I decided to give the game another shot 2.1 Patch basically killed this game for me, but I guess this is my final attempt at maybe see what comes next.

1st. I was gonna talk about how fish traps used to produce fish without fuel, but Stone Consolidant no longer requires ichor.

  1. Aggro Range- I’ve been playing on official servers for awhile. The aggro range is completely (FWORD, The forum wouldn’t let me say it >.>) . I used to pull a specific darfari camp and they used to only folow me halfway back to my house. Now they follow me to the door. When I get inside they clip through the map to get back to where they are from

  2. Healing- I actually liked this system when you changed it some people couldn’t just spam food/potions. However due to that fact the combat system rubberbands and NPCs can animation clip and cancel (PVP players can too) I can never seem to drink a potion before being interrupted.

  3. Crafting - This caused me to quit servers I can’t use admin spawning on. A: there are way too many benches now. A bench just for casting stuff? just put mold in the blacksmith when you need to make that stuff. I’m not saying the attempt at micromanagement isn’t appreciated cause the Firebowl Cauldron was getting a bit hectic. However it broke my heart when I was on official, struggling day in and day out to get a t4 thrall waiting for 7 hours for it to train and I put it in my Armorers bench and did not receive a cost reduction. Yes I understand that it might improve armor and durability. And I like the ideal of the Tempersmith and specialties. But not reducing the cost? It basically takes a couple abilities from just having a thrall and creates so many extra benches I don’t have room for.

Anyone else? Sorry this is mostly a rant but that’s how it is.

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