Legendary 2h ax

What is the eta on the legendary 2h axes? Unnamed city and or legendary box loot

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There is no legendary 2h axe

Considering there is legendary of every other weapon it would make sense that Funcom would eventually be making legendary 2h Axes. If not, then why add them into the game if they become obsolete at endgame. My guess is they are working on legendary versions of each of the new weapons and the OP is wondering when the release of these items is coming.

I think they will eventually add legendary versions of the new weapons in, as well as give them de-buff attacks. They wanted to get feedback on the item without introduction something OP (for once got it right!!!).


Yeah they gonna add some in new update

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I agree. And considering the weapon type, may I suggest its time for a new addition to the family of Crom weapons. :mountain_snow: It would be such a good fit for his weapon set. After all, few weapons say ‘Crom’ like a two handed Great Axe. We could call it something along the lines of the Might of Crom or Wrath of Crom.

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