Legendary items as unique items

I recommend that we boost the legendary weapons to true legendary effects (Yog’s touch the way it used to be) but only allow one copy at any one time. Once a person gets it, no one else can get it unless they take it from the original owner or the owner allows it to decay and it goes back into queue to respawn. The fun is psychological as you have true equipment of legend but do you risk taking it out for fear of it being taken from you or do you store it away…keeping precious safe.

I’ve often thought something similar (but as a singleplayer, that makes sense), but I always figured that it’d be a problem for server play. The way you present it sounds quite an interesting idea for PVP - although, wouldn’t it also lead to servers where the alpha clan just hoards all the legendary weapons? (Genuinely asking, since I assume you’re a PVP player, and I’m not.) And I suspect it would go down like a lead balloon for a lot of PVE servers (though I suspect some RP servers might appreciate it for the whole ‘actually legendary items’ element). It’s certainly an interesting idea, but I’m just not sure how well it would work out.


You are probably right…which entices other clans to take that Smeegel clan out. As of right now, you can do everything with the Alpha Clan there or not…as long as they are playing nice and not walling off something.

And yes PVP’er…something about the thrill of maybe loosing it all if I didn’t build it right.

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Sure, if they also have a decay timer that cannot be stopped by a fridge, and there’s some way to find out who has which weapon :wink:

Otherwise you’re just looking at people hoarding one-of-a-kind item for shiggles… not my idea of fun.



There’s a wonderful mod called legendaries reforged that I’ve started using. If youre into mods you might wanna check it out.


I like the concept that legendaries should get an uplift, but in a way that almost every one of them would be equal in total DPS, but they would reach that overall DPS in different ways.

There are good legendaries such as Sword of crom, it has high damage but extreme stamina consumption as a drawback, so it’s only viable on thralls. Or the Predatory blade, which also has high damage, but only when you do light attacks. Or the Festering one: it has the ability to apply poison, but has now lower base stats than crafted gear. There should be more weapons like these so MAYBE we would see people using more diverse gearing.

And as I mentioned before I’d rather like to have dedicated drops - or at least drastically increase the change to get certain weapons from certain world boss chests - in legendary chest. Because now it looks like: “I need X and Y weapons, and Z shield, I have to kill random world bosses to MAYBE get them (3 in 47). So if I am punished by the RNGeezus, I have to kill all the world bosses multiple times.”
I want to say: “I need this weapon? I have to go to that boss and slay it to get what I want!”

Most of the legendaries has nothing special - no special effects, no increased stat(s) - so they end up in dismantling benches or in left in bags on the ground.

I know it’s kinda off-topic, but let’s not forget the high-end craftables too: namely star metal, dragonbone, obsidian and acheronian. I see them as: star metal? That blue weapon class that you can get the materials from the frozen north? Obsidian? Those green weapons that can be harvested from the volcano? Acheronian? What are those? Those black stuff? I guess you know what I mean…

  • Dragonbone weapons are good as they are: high damage, but brittle and heavy.
  • But acheronian? Nothing special…they should be lightweight and use less stamina because of the light weight for example.
  • Obsidian? Obsidian is basically glass, so I would bump their AP heavily.
  • Star metal? Those meteorites traveled for millions of years, and survived an impact, and you have to nuke them to get them opened up. Why not super high durability?
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ok - WHAT??? this thing is possible only in modded private servers

I agree only with that 1 player should be able to get ONLY 1 religion at a time, i even writed once up, how it may work dunno tho where that a4 page disappeared tho later, but it was like Jebbal sag followers can actually transcend into animals by using ‘‘magic’’ of t3 altar, derketos would be able to break thralls by 80% faster then others, zath could be able to never fall off walls and shoot slowmotion webs, mitra and set would be only ones who could build wells in desert… etc basically many things and only 1 religion per player ( u could swap them tho, but u need certain level, and do special legendary task for new one, like there would be NPC of next religion u going, who says : bring me the heart of ur avatar, and if u bring it to him, u would be traitor of ur religion u had, and every npc atack u on sight from that religion, but otherwise aggroing only if u attack them…)

Buut, this somewhere disappeared and i aint wasting 4 hours again just to tell idea :smiley:
As for your idea

  1. there is many players in PVE that aint even playing, by your logic means if they pick some legendary then it wont be possible to get it by others who actully play
  2. imagine some weapon u hunt like 2 months, and finally when u get it, some moron runs and steal it and never plays again… - this what damn happened to me with first beast potion recipe on siptah, one scum stealed it from vault just while i fighted boss…(example)
  3. By religions, u mad??? there is like i think 6 usable religions ( sorry aint trying to remember them all) but imagine server has 40 players, 10 of them is yogs, one got yog touch, what point of others to be in that religion anymore? U basically may start ‘‘civil’’ war of one religion… until either they leave or u leave and they continue to hate each other…
  4. Example - i like to use havoc and malice , if ur idea is aired, then basically 1 cavoc and malice in server. what point of that?
  5. players are mostly buuilding up gear as they playstyle are, mine is tank berzerker, so if u pick up legendary as this, i cant even save up stats that i need for this because i bet somoene will make some of set part before me so i would not be able to get it anymore
  6. sure if other is logical and human being we could bargain and trade, but if u get other one like one player i have on server (official one) when some ugly base decayed and that scum racoon sitted there to bug timers , by using bug, and tilted others and calling me racist then well explain what safety then normal players get to get items they actually need for gameplay and griewfers wont join just to get legendarys and then leave so others never get it.?

this is why i am against legendary unique items…

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