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:hammer_and_pick: Legendary Items :crossed_swords:

We all have a combination of tools and, weapons that we don’t leave base without when traversing the Exiled Lands. But imagine for a moment an opportunity has arisen and the fires are being kindled in your name.


This brings to light, The Real Question:

What does a Legendary Item created to embody you look like?

Describe your Legendary Item:

:fleur_de_lis: Weapon/Tool/Object.
:fleur_de_lis: What does it look like?
:fleur_de_lis: What are its special properties?
:fleur_de_lis: Speak its name and breath or into existence.

Some tools to help:

:fleur_de_lis: Status Effects
:fleur_de_lis: Legendary Items



Its a giant rubber chicken that is used to club the enemy into submission where they dont fall unconscious really… they just GIVE UP. Rubber Chicken of Forum Silencing…

Edit: oh and it makes the bearer fat.


The addition of my item would/should require a redefinition of the swords in-game to include Oakeshott topology, of which this particular medieval blade is a XII. The depicted historic sword is a composite, or 3-piece restoration of the original mystic and legendary one from the 11th century. This is why it earns a XII – for the reconstruction and the inscription, which was acid-etched over the original hand etching.

Name: Tizona
Subtitle: Espada del Cid (Sword of The Cid)

Features elaborate curved crossguard, broad blade with a narrow fuller that runs half its length, blade just less than a meter long, extremely sharp and light. Her red-tinged blade sports an inscription down the fuller that reads “Yo soy la Tizona, Espada del Cid .” (I am Tizona, Sword of The Cid.) On the other side is “Ave Mek-kamoses gratia plena; settayim mecum” (Hail Mek-kamoses full of grace; Set be with me.)

Tizona is known to strike fear in the hearts of unworthy opponents. She will also betray the unworthy wielder. Heavy strikes from this blade transfer corruption to the enemy. A wielder possessing under 30 STR will himself be corrupted.

One-handed sword. Grants heating effect and cripple.

From The Song of The Cid
Pero Vermúdez let go the lance and took the Sword in hand,
When Ferrán González saw that, he recognized Tizona
and before the expected blow cried “I am defeated!”

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Does Charlton Heston personally deliver it to you and then laugh maniacally with his long, woodenesque teeth?

I would demand that.


And he declares “You can have this sword when you pry it from my wife’s cold, dead hands.”

As a vassal to the legend of Señor Díaz de Vivar, el Campeador, I have never seen that movie. The only thing I really know of that depiction is the dramatic setting used in some iconic scenes - the ancient fort of Peniscola (sic). Fun fact, my red sports car is named Tizona. :racing_car:


What a coincidence, my Rav4 is named Sh$tbox.

That right there might inspire a heckuva war hammer.

@Zeb, if I were to guess, yours would be something exotic, like swords in both hands a la Whirlwind Blades? :black_heart: (Love the fleurs-de-lis by the way.) :fleur_de_lis:


Sh$tbox, War Hammer of Doyoda! After an update, it starts beeping at you when someone is in your blindspot and just puts itself away when you stop moving. It claims good oil mileage, but really just burns it constantly if in your inventory.


My item would be…

The Captain’s Hat.

It looks like a pirate captain’s tricorn hat. It’s black. It may have a feather.

It counts as a light armor hat - it can cushion blows somewhat, but if you get hit on the head with a big axe, you’re still dead.

Its special effect is “Authority” - Thralls in your immediate vicinity get a boost to their combat efficiency.


My legendary weapon would be a Khitan jian called Long ya:

As a precise slashing and stabbing weapon it would use the short sword moves, inflict bleed and cripple damage, and give the user a +5 Agility bonus.


That’s you, Salt and Pepper.

Brings to mind my response, and re-reading it, it seems to me I did not make it clear how an actual real-world blade represents me. I believe that certain inanimate objects are imbued with a masculine, a feminine, and/or in the most classic sense/Latinate sense, a neuter, or gender-neutral. For instance, my '76 Jeep CJ is named Chicory, and she’s definitely a she.

After observing my fighting style in Conan Exiles, it looks as though I use the 1-handed sword as a slap or a pierce, much like how The Cid would’ve used his own sword. Watching it over and over again through the power of video footage, this swordsmanship speaks to the feminine side of me, and thus, the feminine name for the magic sword is what I would choose: Tizona. Many enemies would have you believe they were beaten by a Tizón, but it is central to the legend, that like The Cid, we’re both good with our feminine sides.


Carpe diem & Occasus

Damage: 45

image image


OMG how on earth did I forget to include an image?!

Clearly an OP weapon and will be repeatedly nerfed, but also clearly needed for balance issue…


Would sure love some kind of iron glove that make punch a 54 hit


Occasus is new to me. That is awesome. If I get a dagger on my forearm, that’s going on the blade.

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Thank you for this thread! I’ve come to dislike legendary items a lot, because most of the current ones they completely invalidate a lot of cool stuff in the game while simultaneously coercing everyone into slot machine gameplay. Therefore, I’d like to propose legendary items that go in a different direction.

Here’s my first idea.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones is a legendary bow crafted from obsidian bars and a new item, the Serpentman Tendon, which would drop from Apep Chaosforged.

This bow cannot fire any conventional arrows. Instead, it uses branches from the wearer’s inventory, along with ores, if available:

  • branch: 6 dmg, 20% armor pen
  • branch and stone: 1 dmg, 55 concussive
  • branch and ironstone: 8 dmg, 10% armor pen, applies sunder
  • branch and corrupted stone: 8 dmg, 20% armor pen, adds corruption
  • branch and silverstone: 10 dmg, 20% armor pen
  • branch and goldstone: 12 dmg, 20% armor pen
  • branch and star metal ore: 16 dmg, 20% armor pen
  • branch and obsidian: 20 dmg, 20% armor pen

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is a legendary shield, crafted at the Forge of Ymir from shield frame, obsidian bars, black ice and fragments of power. Wielding it will increase the damage your weapon deals, based on the current temperature effect you’re experiencing:

  • extremely cold or extremely hot: +50% damage
  • frostbite or heatstroke: +100% damage

Daggers of Punishment

A Legendary weapon Scroll that drops from a Black Yeti hidden in ice deep within the bowels of the Warmaker’s Sanctuary.

Scroll becomes null and void if not opened before leaving the Sanctuary.
29.6% chance that reading the scroll will spawn a second Yeti.

Craftable once per scroll

1 Demon blood( must be taken from a poopboy ) IMP
2 Antlers aka Elk King Heads
4 Raw Obsidian
2 Star Metal Ore
3 Ambrosia
1 Fragments of power

+5 Agility, Bleed, Cripple

Damage 52

Armor Pen 23.4%

Durability 1850

Weight 4.21

You must have the The Tear of two races in your inventory to craft or repair this item!


That’s neat. I like this.


A Bone to Pick

Crafted from dragon bones, dragon horns and the Star of the Champion, this legendary pick has the harvesting power of 7, but it can be boosted to 10 by carrying bones with you. Each time the pick harvests some materials (i.e. on each hit), one bone will be consumed from the player’s inventory.