Legendary object statistics (weapons)

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam/Epic Games
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1014

Bug Description:
Legendary object statistics (weapons)
check the statistics of the attached files, (agility or strengh weapon??)
It isn’t the only case.
Another example are the hips with black ice broadswords, some have damage 34 (new construction at the ice forge) others 73 (old swords on Thralls pre-update)

Bug Reproduction:
I open my chest with three identical legendary items and they have different statistics and characteristics (check images


Weapons that were damaged or modified seem to have retained their old stats. Weapons in mint condition got their stats updated.

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I understand, thank you, but what about the fact that of the same weapon I have one that has a strength bonus and the other an agility bonus?
On wiki exiles it says agility, I don’t understand why I have one strength

AoW mixed it up on the legendaries and the base damage attribute on some of them. Your mace of old got locked as the strength weapon because it was back in the day. It switched in the AoW update so all current BecDCorbin’s are agility.

I didn’t hear the rationale for why they did this but I can guess it’s because they wanted to mix it up somewhat because of the growing # of complaints that the weapons get boring if you play one style vs the other and people wanted variety.

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