Legendary Potions

It would be nice to have more strange and unique potions that could tie into sorcery and alchemy.

Yay or nay?

Lots of creative room with this I think.

Potion of leaping for double-jump as an example…


I would rather see them improve the ones we have currently first.

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Here’s an idea specifically for you. Cold / Hot resistance Potions.

If it lasts for an hour+ and completely negates temperature effects regardless of region or armor, as in I can wear my medium armor into the ice temple with nary a concern, sign me up. Assuming it doesn’t have some ridiculous cost like dragon powder.

Ideally, you could make it from raw ash from the hotest region (Volcano) and ice from the coldest region, mixed with an alchemical base. (2 raw ash, 1 ice, 1 black ice, 1 alchemical base).

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That is way to cheap to be legendary. I could make 1000+ of each right now.

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Then make that the cost for with a T4 alchemist and give it a 12 hour default craft time.

SP wouldn’t be able to craft, because their games are only active if they are logged in.
that is why they have star metal issues and thrall breaking issues.

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That’s a different can of worms and the only reason I play on official PVE servers instead of a solo local one. I made suggestions on how to fix it, but no one cared so here we are.

Being legendary should mean the only way to obtain it is from a boss’ loot.

I like the idea though. Could also implement legendary warpaint’s that last until death.


Except that’s not even true in the game right now.

I think you could have tiers of potions and war paints. Tiers affecting the duration and overall performance of its intended purpose.

The ones that last until death would need appropriate difficulty in obtaining. I also think they should be a boss drop to qualify them as legendary.

Or some of the higher tiers need to be locked behind something, like obtaining a named alchemist (non purge) and having “unique recipes” similar to how armorers function.

Or with strange costs… not 3-4 things + dragon powder… but maybe 7-8 non-expensive ingredients…or unlocked via fragment of power.

Personally think it would be better if they were boss drops to avoid headaches. Maybe put it as possible loot in some of the older dungeons. Some you only do once or twice per character

Well yes and no.
The only legendary items obtainable not from bosses are repair kits as far as I am aware.
To make full use of them you have to use them on something you have obtained from a boss.

Don’t you craft the new armors too? Aren’t they classified as legendary?

I don’t know. I haven’t tried to repair them yet.
Given that you need the recipes from the dungeon and the armor scraps to make them I would say you still need boss drops.
Unless you want avoid the bosses to farm rusty keys and between 4-8 scraps every half an hour to make the armor which costs 70 for a full set.
You still need to have defeated at least 3 bosses to gain access to the rusty keys.

Legendary should be not crafted but only founded in the first place. If not you’re technically speaking of “epic” potions, not legendary :wink:

You have https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Silken_Wraps
which even heals you while getting dmg. But this CANNOT bei crafted. Only looted from a certain boss.
How to get: https://youtu.be/QTNQS47gbt8

And you have https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Infused_Aloe_Extract
How to get: https://youtu.be/0aEOWMjT6t4

And there is also that: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Vehemence_Elixir
Which works in cold or heat environments.

Legendary potion, last till u die, ingredients r from dungeon bosses (kinscourge heart, an eye from the skelos guy, something from the witch queen) then add steelfire, brimstone, alchemical base, w/e you like. The recipes themselves could be a rare world boss drop or cost like 10 power fragments

I would be fine with potions and warpaints having their ingredients farmed from bosses if they lasted until you died.

Technically everything u “craft” from the library is considered a legendary so these potions and warpaints could fall under that category

I believe that it would be fine to have something like this… more loot is always epic… potions of healing, speed, perhaps a godmode potion (for 10 sec or so?)… so many possibilities. perhaps they should be crafted but should require a specific loot type that is only gotten from bosses…