Legendary Repair kits

Has anyone found Legendary Repair kits on Sipta yet? Where be they hiding?

I found it the other day on a very easy to kill 3 skull boss. Managed to get in in one of my streams today.

twitch . tv /videos /751864676

*Note, Aperantly I messed up and did the whole bloody stream with Desktop sound on mute. so no game sounds. But this should give a good idea of where to get it.
The thing is always in the same location and seems to have a fairly short respawn timer on it… Doesnt drop it all the time. but as you can see, its there.

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I wish they would consider bringing in purges. It’s the easiest way to get strong thralls. I tried to capture a Thrall when I summoned the surge, but they are so strong. And so many. And you can’t build a wheel of pain nearby, because the storm destroys it. It’s just very difficult. A lot of fun though :grin:

I mean the layline surges are like purges.

I got one to drop from the boss at the very top of New Luxur. I was hoping for a black blood tool, but I’ll have to keep grinding :wink:

Honestly, it’s much easier to get a Nemedian on Siptah than it is to get a legendary repair kit.

Where did you find the Nenedian?

It drops from the giant spider boss in D10. I killed it three times, got 2 Nemedians and 1 set of Akbitanan throwing knives.

That boss must be a copy paste of the other one. Good to know.

Yeah, the number of enemies is just to high for solo players. You just get interrupted, knocked down or bleed to death.

While the introduction of waves to wild surges was a good quick solution, I think the game should determine the amount of spawned enemies based on the amount of players in the vicinity.

Those surges should stay hard, but right now it is too hard if you don’t have a good thrall or good armor / weapons. And those things come directly or indirectly from the very same content.

Surges scale based on how much unstable??? you put in the layline. You can just do a small one. Also if you happen to have a butttt load of decaying eldarium you can just have the platform knock them out for you.

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