Legends & Lore Fantasy RP-18+-PVPE)

Legends & Lore (18+RP-PVPE-fantasy) is an alignment based feudal faction conflict. Fresh map just started! L&L has an open lore system and it’s own lore. Explore and adventure!

Enter a fantasy realm that’s completely unlike Conan!

Legends & Lore
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Steam Workshop::Legends & Lore

  • Dedicated automated server - Central location
  • Modified exiles map, including Underdark
  • 400 building pieces, 100 placeables
  • 40 races and 8 traditional classes
  • PVP Combat/Magic System
  • RPG Quest style wandering monsters/treasure/bosses
  • Survival Mode - Difficult
  • 60th starter level and 300 level maximum
  • Slow decay on gear, no drop
  • No messages, ads, or repeating messages in chat
  • Twilight light cycle - based on lore
  • Special mounts and mythical equipment
  • Shapeshifting/morphing/flying
  • Vendor quest reward system
  • Unique coin/banking system
  • Open-source lore system based on D&D

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