🙂 LegengsofConan is looking for more active players-X2Rates All Regions Welcome Direct Link if needed

Purge is set high always fun

New Server started on 7/9/2018

Server Type HardCore.

People are on and off very nice

Old and New Players are welcome.

Exp X2 Harvesting X2 many more X2 rates

Discord link https://discord.gg/HZr8whv

PvP Arena is Coming :slight_smile:

I want to say thank you for all the new and welcoming players that have join off and on.

Stress Started so far things are going great please keep it coming and thank you all for helping me out.

Mod TheMortalRealms https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1416365371

more and more people on discord woot :slight_smile:

ok all i need your help to do a stress test please to fully see the limits on this server if anyone can help please let me know and thank you ahead of time. and please post your pings thank you again

more and more players are joining off and on :slight_smile:

going and going we are come one come all Server is set on a T1 Line :slight_smile:

Omg thank you so many new players and new and old faces keep it coming

With the test run done now its time LegendsofConan Now Live.