Legion PVP-[6/12]-3x XP 2x Harvest-Evening Raiding/Purge


Server name: “Legion PVP-[6-12]-Evening Raiding/Purge”
Fresh PVP server as of 6-12-18, mature community.
Server information: 3x XP 2x Harvest, raiding/purge 6:00PM -1:00AM EST(Server is NA East), shortened night time, purge level 5(42,000 trigger value). Rest of the settings are vanilla :slight_smile:
Only two server rules: No zoning vital resource spawns & no deliberate spawn trapping.(Video proof) I feel these strongly ruin the game for others, other than that I’m laid back.
Any questions just ask IGN: OG_DarkOmen

BUMP Just looking for active players to war with, only a day old.

Hi there, is the server based in the EU?

Apologies! Sadly it’s not, server is NA East. I’ll edit post after this