Less Building Placement Restrictions - Major Update

Hi all,

If you are not on PC, or use mods, this doesn’t apply to you. But hey, thanks for stopping by anyways.

For those that do mod, or at least in particular use my mod Less Building Placement Restrictions, take note. Now normally I don’t make posts on the forums saying, hey peeps, I updated my mod. Look at me all fancy and stuff. But since this update is a rather huge change, I thought I would try and spread out the word just a little bit more.

A quick summary of what LBPR does (if you don’t know already), is it’s purpose is to make building and placing stuff easier. Definetly not vanilla friendly as you can get pretty crazy with stuff, but it’s a whole lot of fun. I created LBPR way back in April of 2018, and have slowly but surely added more and more stuff thanks to feedback from players and the hard work of EZee_AP/hades. That includes things like Arrow Directionals (and can be seen via this image link), carefully selected Overlap Exceptions like overlapping Fences and Doorways to create larger windows, and various other quality of life improvements.

For this update, my very good buddy and partner, EZee_AP, or hades as some of you may know him by, added a whole heap of code to add toggle options to LBPR so that admins can set their servers (or single player games) as desired with whatever features they want on or off. That whole breakdown and full explanations of what each toggle does can be found via this PDF I made.

Now then, to the exact purpose of this thread and why I’m bothering you to begin with. If you are a user of the other various LBPR versions that I had, it is important to note that they will be discontinued in 30 days. In fact, we even updated those other versions to send out an admin alert, letting players know they need to switch. The admin toggles that have been added makes those other versions obsolete, and no longer necessary. You will be able to configure LBPR to your liking of course, we made sure of that. Pretty much any configuration you could want is in there now, even if all you wanted was the Arrow Directionals.

So to summarize, this is just my last final attempt at spreading the word to help encourage people to switch over so that their games aren’t disrupted. There won’t be any catastrophic events like losing buildings or anything on the switch, or even if you don’t do it within the next 30 days. It’s just best to switch over in advance so that things go over smoothly. As always, Happy Building!!!


Good to hear, this mod out of all the other ones you have is always a must-have for me and my building needs.


I don’t even use this mod, but I appreciate your very clear communication on what you guys are doing, and more importantly - making toggleable options. I hope you’ll show the way for many other modders, some of whom make this absolutely awesome mod I’ve always wanted, and then wrap it into the same package with another feature I absolutely don’t want.

In fact, I just might check out the new version of LBPR.

As always, thank you for your hard work making Conan Exiles an even better experience.