Less Duplicates

Less duplicates when opening Legendary chests and accessing the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. Or if you do get duplicates, you don’t lose a Skeleton Key or a Fragment of Power.

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One player I played with thought that each chest had a different percentage of chance for a specific weapon :crossed_swords:. From what I noticed, he might have been right :astonished:.

Try to open :old_key: various chests @Trappist01x , especially those that you haven’t seen for a long time.

Regarding the library, repetition is indeed annoying. From what I understand, getting the same recipes :receipt: was meant to encourage players to trade and exchange. And it really worked on our PvE-Conflict server.

I would definitely like to see more legendary items and recipes :star_struck: - increasing their number will also reduce duplicates :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Maybe it would be nice to make Archivist repurchase extra scrolls. Maybe give one Fragment of Power for 5 of them and maybe give some random reward just like goods we occasionally loot from Bearers.

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Maybe a merchant at Sep. City where you can get gold for each (1 bar?)


It would be nice too. Extra scrolls are useless in SP and in low-populated servers.

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SP in general should have its own rule set… less connection to online patches. the need patch build-able zones shouldve been online only thing. Or high health counts, or repeat items.

Chest drop rate… from my “collecter” / 100% character, no matter chest, certain ones seem higher to drop. I have few chest on her, that just have way to many of certain ones. I tend to do round world clear for keys and chests.

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